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DI-V2    (Without DSP-3.1)
DI-DSP(Built in DSP-3.1)
USB / Coaxial converter
Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in the Tenor TE8802 chip

Price:        DI-V2-S       USD108 ( USB input only )
                  DI-V2          USD128 ( USB & coaxial inputs)
                 DI-DSP-S    USD168 ( USB input only )
                 DI-DSP       USD198  ( USB & coaxial inputs)

Summarize Use Manual Specs Technology Detail Custom Option Shipping Cost

Custom order options:

1, Custom order BNC input /output:
     The RCA coaxial input sockets can replace by BNC sockets , cost is USD10/per  without shipping delay   .
2, Upgrade the TCXO :
      In the DI-V2 had one clock can be upgrade, upgrade to TCXO price +USD20.
      In the DI-DSP have two clock, one is for the TE8802 (12MHz), another is for upsampling (24.576MHz), upgrade price is +USD20 per, if customer ask upgrade TCXO while place the order but without confirm upgrade two clocks, we only quote the price of upgrade the 12MHz TCXO for TE8802.

3, Upgrade the power supply :
      The DI-PSU built in 7.5V / 600MA class A PSU, cooperate with the DI can become double stages class A PSU , offer clear power supply for the circuits. DI-PSU price USD75 without shipping cost , include 1 unit PSU, 2 units DC wires, 1 unit power cable . (The DC plug outside dia. is 5.5MM, inside hole dia. is 2.5MM)


4, I2S output / input kit price USD3 / pc : (If you want the I2S input socket kit please inform while place the order, the output and input kit is different) 
Modify with I2S output :
( The wire length 100MM)

( 3.3V level ,  we can't guarantee the I2S output can cooperate with all I2S input devices.
( The I2S transmit want to take care the transmit cable  )
( Based on the limit of the I2S transmit ,the I2S output of DI have not guarantee )

Pin 1 : SDATA
Pin 3 : LRCK
Pin 5 : SCLK
Pin 7 : MCLK
Pin 2,4,6,8 GND

Other upgrade options FYI:

         Please not: 
         Before charge the battery, please turn the DI to OFF or  USB power supply until finished and pull off the charge .
        The DI can't power supply direct from the battery charge .
         Exchange the power supply of DI,  please push the switch of DI to "OFF" , after waiting least 10 seconds then push to another power supply . 
         We only have sale the DI-PSU , we have not stock and sale the Lithium-ion battery or universal DC power supply  .
         Connect a wrong polarity DC power to DI-V2 will shatter it within few second.

Lithium-ion battery
  Nowadays there are some lot  Lithium-ion battery from web shop and price only around USD15 with a power charger.   A 7.4V / 5000mAH Lithium-ion battery can power supply for DI-V2  continuously working 16 hours with full charge , or 10 hours for DI-DSP with full charge . Two battery for exchange can keep the DI working whole day.  Larger power ( voltage must is 7.4VDC) battery can power supply for DI longer time .

Universal DC power supply
        Power supply by A  GOOD QUALITY  universal DC power supply possible improved the sound quality  than some computer USB pot . The request of the universal DC power supply is output 5VDC to 9VDC (recommend 7.5V) , 1000mA power , with 5.5MM plug , the plug define is inside is DC +, outside is DC GND .





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