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2022 Delivery Notice
Because we had very busy for prepare the order, we may can not update the delivery notice in time, we will send email to customers inform the track number once the goods had shipped.  
1st- 14th. may  2022



Shipping Method

深圳李先生 Precision 3 SF
USA Vick Master 19 (红色显示屏) DHL
Israel Steven DI-20HE Accusilicon 90/98/白色下载器 DHL
Siheung Kyoung Taek HE1MK2/ACSS cable STD (R7HE-HE1)/Master ACSS cable STD (HE1-M2A) 1.5 meter /RCA cable STD DHL
杭州 赵先生 Master 19 SF
Romania Marcel Master 2A /HE1 MK2 DHL
苏州 周先生 A1/ACSS cable for R28 to A1/R28 金属遥控器 SF
Israel Michael AS-1 (2021 full upgrade version,ES9038*2) DHL
USA Larry DI-20HE Accusilicon 90/98 DHL
Brasil Virgilio DI-20HE Accusilicon 90/98 DHL
Canada Spanel Master 10 MK2 DC block DHL
Saudi Arabia  Coppi HE9 MK2 DHL
广州 胡先生 HE1 MK2 SF
Japan Robertson DI-20 Accusilicon 90/98M DHL
Singapore Jintoku. R27(2021 version)(Accusilicon*2,USB-ISO,metal rmeote) DHL
江西 张先生 R 7HE MK2 SF
Canada Veksler AS-1.38 Full upgrade version (2021 version ,9038) (Accusilicon) DHL
Singapore Devito R 7HE MK2 DHL
Singapore Schindler R 7 MK2 DHL
中山 谢先生 DI-20 Accusilicon 90/98M SF
Italy Petersen Master19 DHL
New Zealand  Dwight Master 10 MK2 DHL
USA Gazzo DI-20HE Accusilicon 90/98 DHL
USA Matt R 27HE Black Silver DHL







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