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DI-V2    (Without DSP-3.1)
DI-DSP(Built in DSP-3.1)
USB / Coaxial converter
Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in the Tenor TE8802 chip

Price:        DI-V2-S       USD108 ( USB input only )
                  DI-V2          USD128 ( USB & coaxial inputs)
                 DI-DSP-S    USD168 ( USB input only )
                 DI-DSP       USD198  ( USB & coaxial inputs)

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Please note:
                       The DI had both BNC and RCA coaxial outputs can connect to two DACs at same time.
                       The both version DI has built in class A PSU can work well by USB power supply ,The external power supply only for upgrade, not necessary .
                       The DI-DSP version spend around 500MA , some computer maybe can't offer 500MA current through USB pot cause the DI-DSP can't working. We test by MacBook, SONY, IBM and Sumsang notebooks without problems.
                       The DI-V2 and DI-V2Scan power supply by the old Digital Interface extern PSU, but the DI-DSP can't power by this PSU, customers if have the old Digital Interface extern PSU and want to power supply for DI-DSP, want to solder a resistor in it.
                      The DI-PSU (new) have different than the old Digital Interface extern PSU, the DI-PSU (new) offer 600mA at 7.5VDC, the old Digital Interface extern PSU offer 400mA at 7.5VDC .
                     Confirm with Tenor , the output sampling 176.4KHz and 192KHz  request the computer have high performance ( We recommend the PC produced within latest 4 years) , and if in this term if the computer have to running larger software or game cause the CPU working too busy or stop response maybe cause the audio drop off .
                     If want to restart the DI, after power off , least 10 seconds for the TE8802 reset is necessary .   

What's different between DSP1 and DSP-3.1:
                    Both DSP1 and DSP-3.1 are based on the Altera Cyclone II chip, but we apply different software to perform different functions. Both have data synchronization to reduce jitter.
                    DSP1 has a built-in high performance digital filter, it is only used for DAC.
                    The DSP-3.1 is especially designed for DI only, not designed especially for DAC. It has built-in upsampling which allows output up to 96KHz or 192KHz (In default setting, its output is the original sampling), and designed for high speed SPDIF output, without digital filter.  
What's benefit of the coaxial input:
                    The coaxial input can improve on SQ from some low/mid rang coaxial output source. Like some DVD player, PC sound card, low/mid rang CDP like the Marantz CD67, ect. If the coaxial output source already quite Hi-end, don't expect the DI can improve on SQ.




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