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DI-V2    ]Without DSP-3.1^
DI-DSP]Built in DSP-3.1^
USB / Coaxial converter
Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in the Tenor TE8802 chip

Price:        DI-V2-S       USD108 ( USB input only )
                  DI-V2          USD128 ( USB & coaxial inputs)
  DI-DSP-S    USD168 ( USB input only )(Discontinued)
  DI-DSP  USD198  ( USB & coaxial inputs) (Discontinued)

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How to install the TE8802 driver?

Built in 3 Groups Fully Discrete Class A power supplies so it can power supply by computer USB power . (DI-DSP has built in total 5 group PSUs) *
Applies Current Conveyor Technology for coaxial output
Built in DSP-3.1 for reprocess the data and clock  (DI-DSP version only)
Provision I2S output connector
USB Audio Class2 High-speed Input from PC/MAC (using the Tenor 8802 chip)
Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Supports up to 24Bit/192KHz
Supports DSP-3.1 asynchronous processor for reduce jitter and improved on sound quality. (DI-DSP version only) 

2 groups digital inputs :   Coaxial & USB (Support up to 24bit/192KHz)

Two model coaxial outputs * : (Supports Original sampling and upsampling )

             BNC (Applied Current Conveyor Technology)*
             RCA (Transmit insulate )

*     The Current conveyor output can cooperate with most standard DACs in world but some DACs can't cooperate . The transmit insulate model output can cooperate with any standard design DACs.

*     The DI-DSP version spend around 500MA , some computer maybe can't offer 500MA current through USB pot cause the DI-DSP can't working. We test by MacBook, SONY, IBM and Sumsang notebooks without problems.

*      2 in 1 USB cable maybe can improved on sound quality .

Feedback :


The review of old DI from John Darko.


Feedback from users (Since 25th May, 2012):

10th June , Dr. John from USA:
I am using the DI-DSP as a pre-dac jitter reducer. I must say I did not expect a great deal of improvement as my DAC, the Anedio D2, already has some of the most sophisticated jitter reduction circuitry available. Boy was I wrong! I am using a relatively inexpensive CD transport, the Tascam CD200. The DI has proven to be a real winner in my brutally revealing system. There is much greater instrumental separation and better soundstage placment. I listen mostly to orchestral music where even small differences can make the difference between "music" and a pale reproduction. I am simply amazed by the difference the DI made with a $250 CD player. Thanks for an excellent product and superb service.



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