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1ppm , Low jitter clock
For upgrade


For sale Price:  USD23 (Exclude shipping cost)

24.576MHz for Digital Interface upgrade. Without solder.

 Supply input: 3.3V
 Frequency stability Vs Temp : +/-1ppm (-10 to +60 C)
 Frequency Accuracy:  +/- 0.3ppm Max
 Phase noise :  -125 dBc/1KHz @10MHz
 Aging :   2ppm/ year
 Output voltage : 3.3V
 Output jitter: < 3ps RMS

Please note:
   If you take the clock for upgrade, before sound compare, please burn in it. The clock burn in not myth, it is real effect the performance of the clock.
   The clock only active while setting at upsampling output.


Step 1:  Shut down the DI, open the chassis cover, you can see the original clock.

Step 2: Carefully take off the original clock.

Step 3: Carefully install the upgrade clock, its four feet must push into the socket. And attention to  the install direction , if install by wrong direction, will shatter the clock.


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