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The USB-32 had release over 18 months, more than 10 thousands users without problems. So the driver had very steady. Sometimes the users fist time got the DAC and can't let it working proper, most can fixed as below:
1, Change the USB port on the computer.
2, update the USB port driver to newest version.
3, Reinstall the driver.
4,Correct setting the media player's parameter.
5, The unit had working fine 96K music but 192K and 384K had some drop off.
6, The unit had hum noise?

1, USB port choice :
    For the table computer, connect the USB port on rear, usually the rear USB ports are built on the mother board have better steady and performance.
    It must without external USB hub .

2, Install the driver for Windows:
    Before install the driver, must connect the DAC and power on it, then start install the driver.
    If the computer can not find the DAC, the driver can't install succeed, change other USB port give it a try.

3, The driver 2014 without DECK panel?
    We ask VIA company remove DECK panel, force the output bit deep on 32 bit for match with ES9018, WM8741 ect, due improve the sound quality than the older drivers .

4, The unit had working fine with the DS output model, but ASIO had sound drop off.
    The DS working fine mean the hardwares had not problems, the ASIO is direct sound output, it spend more CPU ability than the DS, KS models.
    Try to increase the ASIO buffer size and the media player buffer size. 

5, The unit had working fine 96K music but 192K and 384K had some drop off.
    The 192K 384K music playback have much larger data process than 96K, so it need spend a lot CPU process ability.
    Usually the decent computers within 5 years can play well with 384K files.

6, The unit had hum noise?
    Based on our experience, the users declare had noise, some of them had find cause by the earth loop by themselves, some of them had shipping back but we can check any hum noise, so we guess also cause by the earth loop.
    The earth loop hum noise can not had warranty.
    Some electric products have not connect the power earth wire, but our product had follow the electric safe standard, all have connect the power electric wires, in most case , even with earth loop but had not produce the hum noise, but in few case it had.
    Based on the users feedbacks, if they have encounter the hum noise, they most can fixed the issue through change the amp or source power connect to other outlets.

    Another case is the signal earth loop . Usually this is have not matter, but depend on the power amp design, some power amp design can't allow the signal earth loop . In the case just disconnect the signal cable between source and amp  to fixed the issue.





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