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NFB-17.32]USB applied USB-32^
Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC

32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer  USB-32 Chip
Built in 2 Pieces Hi-end grade WM8741 Chips

 NFB-17.32 : USD449


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USB-32 Introduce
Audio-gd products had design and test based on the AP SYS-2722 (The top-drawer professional equipment in world)

Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage .
R-core transformers.

Class A power supplies , Total have 7 groups PSUs and 3,8000 UF Audio caps for power supplies.
5 channels digital input :
 2 X RCA coaxial / 2 X Optical / 1 X USB
DAC output :
Supports 2X , 4X and 8X oversampling customers setting
Memorizes all settings and it could resume the last settings when power on.

Sound Characteristics: 
"Neutral but smoothness sounding ,it doesn't sound skeletal or digital (or metallic). There's meat aplenty on them bones . It's a sigma-delta DAC chip implementation without the dryness, neutrality without the emotional disconnection" - John Darko
If only the RCA  is used, is the NFB-17 being wasted or not fully utilized?
         NFB-17 is a real balanced DAC . It has balanced output (ACSS, XLR and balanced headphone output) and single-ended output . There are 4 ACSS amplifiers in the NFB-17 for balanced outputs and balanced inputs. Even when a single-ended output is used, the Dual WM8741 DA chips will perform fully thanks to the fully balanced design.

Feedback from users

Bruno from France (14th June):
            Hi everybody ! Looking for a balanced relatively not too expensive ? Your search is over , NFB-17/17.2 should be on top of your list .
When Audio GD said , on the neutral side with a touch of smoothness i can't agree more . For me it's a very accurate DAC sounding , nothing seams exagerated or standing for. The tonal balance for me seams great .

          Highs , they extand well , with a good amout of energy , detailled , crystal clear , it gives a gound sense of clarity / transparency . On harsh / bad recording , depending on the filter used , you can smooth it a little .

          Mids : well balanced it's what come in mind , with yet a touch of warmness , wich give a nice touch to vocals or electric guitare . There is DAC with a more upfront mids , but i am happy with what i hear from NFB-17.2 .

          Bass : Not loose at all , thigh , well layered , with a decent amout off impact / pratt , again like for mids , there is DAC with more bass in quantity , but NFB-17.2 is on the neutral side soo like i said before , nothing exagerated .

          Soundstage is really fine , a lot of air , a clean background , a good instrument separation and positioning , it's quite wide , and deep , first time i heard the NFB-2 (but the same occur to NFB-17.2) it give me an impression of a " 3D sounding" if you understand what i mean .
It seams a detailled DAC sounding ,on NFB-17.2 i rediscovered some track with some little things that i never heard before like turning pages on a classical concert etc .

          For the TE8802 it works flawlessy , 192khz files played with sucess so it work has it should , ASIO drivers in the drivers works too . Soo it's a goot upgrade from the older TE7022 .

         To summarise this is a very well balanced DAC , it's not here to wow you , but to bring your music how it's intended to be , but peraphs with a touch of smooth and warmness , a good bridge beetween musiquality and neutrality , connectivity is awesome , but i don't need so much , but it's better to have more than enough . Higher end dacs can improve things , but for the NFB-17.2 price you can't be sorry .

          If i had to upgrade my DAC i will look to An Audio GD one :) .


Eric from New Zealands (21th Aug.):
             I would like to tell you how happy I am with my NFB-17.32 Balanced DAC.

             My system is now fully balanced with a Forte Audio 55 power amp and a Forte F 44 Preamp driving a pair of Accapella Fifth Avenue MK1 speakers

            The AG DAC has lifted this system to new heights with outstanding detail and control and a sound-stage that give each performer a sense of space,amazing!
The detail is achieved without sounding bright or harsh and the overall sound is best described as organic. Your DAC is one of my best audio purchase for many years.




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