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USB-32 is based on the VT1731 chip, the one best USB interface chip in world .
Support up to 32Bit / 384KHz in OS X ,  Windows (XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8 both 32 and 64bit ) and Linux .

The USB-32 have not connect the +5V from computer for the less disturb , so every times power on the computer then power on the DAC if applied USB playback.

PC drivers download:
For the products shipping since 7th.Feb. 2014
             Download the USB32 driver 2014

 For the products shipping since 14th May. 2013 .
             Download the USB32 V2.0 driver 

             Download the USB32 V2.0 driver install guide

 The product was shipping before 14th May. 2013 , click below link to download the proper driver . If you can't ensure which driver is proper, contact us and inform the series number.     Our email :    audio-gd@126.com

             1,Shipping after 1st Jan 2013 and before 14th May 2013 , driver applied V1.22
    Download the USB-32 driver V1.22

             2, Shipping before 31th Dec 2012 and after 1st Oct 2012 , driver applied V1.1
             Download the USB-32 driver V1.1

             3, Shipping before 31th Sep 2012, the driver applied V1.22
             Download the USB-32 driver V1.22

 Download the setting guide for Squeeze box touch:
             http://www.audio-gd.com/SBT update and setting.rar

Windows XP, Vista , WIN 7 and Win 8  (32bit and 64bit) must install driver for USB connect .

Mac OSX , Linux (MMX)  and SPDIF inputs without driver install necessary .

FYI :   Recommend player in Windows :  Foobar2000 V1.15  with plugs foo_out_ks  & foo_out_wasapi

VT1731 specs : http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/audio/usb/vt1731/index.jsp


USB Audio V3.0, V2.0 and V1.0
USB Audio Class 2 High-speed Input from Windows / MAC / Linux 
Supports High / full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode up to 384K / 32Bit ability .
Resolutions support 16 / 24 / 32 Bit with sampling rate support 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352kHz,384kHz
Ultra low jitter , 15X times less than TE7022 .

Driver  Install guide:
1, Download the driver , Mac OSX , Linux and SPDIF inputs without driver install necessary .
    Unzip the driver to  the  Driver (C:), Click the iron "SETUP" in the   folder .
    Before install the driver, the computer must connect the USB device , the USB device must power on after the Windows have start .
    Waiting few minutes , if had new window appear and want users choice, please click " Yes" ( agree) .

Please Note :
A:    After install, the unzip    driver  folder can’t delete or rename .
B:    For less disturb from the computer , audio-gd USB device design is slight different, the USB device  must power on after the computer had start . If the computer have restart, the USB device also want to restart .
C, During install ,there is an option want to select.

2,After install the driver, power off the USB device and restart the computer is necessary .


4, Copy all  “ *.dll “ files in the “AudiogdUSB32ASIOv2forwin2 " -> "Plugs“ folder to Foobar 2000 “components” folder .

5, Select the ASIO plug in foobar 2000. Click "Add New", select "VIA DirectKS ASIO" , click " OK" .

7, If the sound have drop off with ASIO output model , increase the ASIO buffer size then click “ Apply” ,restart the Foobar2000 .
Please note :
A, The ASIO is direct sound output , so its performance depend on the computer performance
, if the computer is too old, select "KS" output model is better  .
B, If the sound have drop off during the computer busy , please increase the ASIO buffer . We test with some lot different computer, the ASIO buffer size setting at 2048 samples is no problems even with 4 years old computer .
C, Old version Foobar 2000 maybe can’t working well with ASIO, we advice applied the version newer than V1.15 .
D, We recommend select "KS" or "ASIO" output model than "DS" and "WASPI" model .
E, The Anti-virus software may delete the ASIO files cause the ASIO panel can't working proper . Users can addition the VIA ASIO in the accredit list in the Anti-virus software .


29th Dec. ,  Robert from Germany:

             I'm glad that your NFB27s are fine!
             I will surely come back to you with a new order sooner or later.

             By the way, I think your USB-32 implementation of the VIA Envy chip is the the best I have ever heard. No chance for M2tech, XMOS etc.

17th Jan.  , An user from Japan:

Some initial results of my experiments:

              I used the M7 and Calyx DAC (which uses 1 ES9018 in multi-channel dual-differential mode with NE5532 output opamps and is USB powered).

              Audiophilleo 1 to each DAC: M7 (input 3) sounds more "real". Calyx sounds a little less natural.
              DIV3 to each DAC: M7 (input 1 from DI coax out) sounds the same as the Calyx (from DI RCA out). The sound is very good.
              Direct USB input to each DAC: M7 sounds MUCH better than the Calyx USB input, which uses an XMOS chip. The Calyx sounds less detailed and boring and unnatural.

Best sound (all about equal):
              M7 USB32,
              DI V3 to either DAC,
              Audiophilleo to M7.




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