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Even though the PCM1704 PDF declare the PCM1704 supports up to 96KHz / 24bit, highest word clock input is 768KHz.
In fact the PCM1704UK can support 192KHz / 24bit at 8X oversampling (USB or I2S model), the word clock input is 1.536MHz, as high as ESS9018.

Reference-10.32]USB applied USB-32^
Discrete  DAC + Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

Built in DSP-1 data processor
32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer  USB-32 Chip
Built in 4 Pieces Hi-grade PCM1704UK Chips

Price:  (With remote control)  USD1850
Included Accessories: Power cable and USB cable . Optical cable included per request when placing order.


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Click to read the USB-32 character                              USB-32 Introduce


DAC / Headphone amp / preamp all in one
Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage .
Uses three R-core transformers (135W total), separate power supplies for the digital components, right and left channels.
More than 50,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power supply.
A total of 9 groups class A PSU's  are used to purify the power supply. To achieve a high S/N ratio, the control circuit is powered with separate regulators.
Uses high-grade parts and exactly matched transistors.

Four channel 99 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality.
5 digital inputs:
  AES / BNC+RCA coaxial / RCA coaxial / Optical / USB
3 analog preamp inputs:  XLR / RCA / RCA
Preamp / DAC output :
  XLR / RCA / ACSS (variable)
Headphone output : 4 pins XLR / 6.3MM SE
USB Audio Class 2 High-speed Input from Windows / MAC / Linux
Supports High / full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode up to 384K / 32Bit ability .
Resolutions support 16 / 24-Bit with sampling rate support 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz  ( USB model)
Supports up to 24Bit/96KHz (coaxial / AES / Optical )
The DSP-1(V5) digital processor supports NOS, 2X, 4X and 8X oversampling via customers setting.
Memorizes all settings and resumes the last setting when powered on (see user manual).


Sound Characteristics: 
Reference-10.32 has extremely high fidelity; its SQ is neutral. It is very revealing of a recordings quality.
If only the RCA or 1/4" (6.3MM) headphone  is used, is the Reference-10.2 not fully utilized?
         Reference-10.32 is a real balanced DAC with built in headphone amp. It has balanced output (ACSS, XLR and balanced headphone output) and single-ended output . There are 4 ACSS amplifiers in the Reference-10.2 for balanced outputs and balanced inputs. Even when a single-ended output is used, the 4pcs PCM1704UK DA chips will perform fully thanks to the fully balanced design.
 Reference-10.32 has 3 feet for best balance and minimal interference , 4 feet are available upon request when ordering.

Modification guide on headphone jack for 4-pin balanced headphone output.
Click here to read:   modification guide

Parts for the modification is USD30. (Includes one female 4-pin plug and one male 4-pin plug, some tape and WBT tin solder)


Feedback from users (Since 25th May, 2012):

An user from Norway upgrade from NFB-10:

        I have now received the RE10 and I am most pleased! Excellent finish on your products, and it just sounds awesome. I have only a few hours on it, but I already really like the sound from it and are happily waiting for the Master-3!

An user from Germany:

        I have received the Reference 10 today -> wow, what a strong machine. And on first listening, it sounds so - so real!

Peter from Malaysia, 31th July:

        The NFB10SE is very good & value for money but the REF10.2 is in a different class. I thought it would need to burn in but the differences in sound quality is already very clear, so natural & sound like real music with good recordings.

        Congratulations & well done again on another excellent product. I used to be old school & believe in amp should only be straight wire + gain but your products show another approach to the original sound!


Mark from USA, 30th Oct:

        Mark here with my Ref 10.32 after a week of burn in. I am so completely blown away by the sound of this unit with my Audeze 2.2s. I am hearing significant improvements with 3D like sound staging, clarity, detail and tonality I have never noticed before. With several recordings I have been listening to I did not realize they are as good as they are. Well done and I am so glad I stayed with Audio-gd gear. Amazing.


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