Illustrations on how to modify the headphone so that it can be connected to the Phoenix 4 pins HP amp output.



1, Purchase the parts, you can either buy from us (please see Phoenix page for details) or from outside, which includes : one female 4 Pins plug and one male 4 Pins plug, some tapes and tin solder.

2, Cut the HP cable, make sure you leave around 30CM from the 6.5" headphone jack.

3,Wrap some tape on the wire, then spruce the end of the wire in a way that you have enough length of wire to attach the male 4 pins plug.

4, The detailed picture of the 4 pins socket.

5,Solder the cables to the socket. For example, in D2000 the Yellow wire is L+, the Pink wire is R+, the two black wires is L- and R-.

6, Now you have the finished 4 Pins to 6.5" jack converter cable.

7,Use the same method as above and solder the female 4pins plug to the end of the cable from the headphone.

8, Done! Now The headphone can used for both, the 4 pins output and the 6.5" SE output of the HP amp!

9, If you are unable to determine the nature of every wire in your headphone cable, you can use a ohms meter to test and verify, the L+ is short to "L", the R+ is short to "R", and the two GND is short to "GND" of the picture below.




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