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NOS-1704 (Limit)
Dedicated Discrete Diamond Difference design  DAC
NOS design applied up to 192K support
4pcs PCM1704UK (two-two parallel connect)



24Bit 192KHz USB-SPDIF convertor price USD40 .
The USB-SPDIF convertor place on outside, connect to computer, SPDIF connect to NOS-1704 input for implement USB playback.
Driver download:

Download TE8802 driver V2.0   (For Windows)
Download TE8802 driver V1.1 for mac
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The rule of the power ON /  OFF:
Power On :
power ON ---->  NOS-1704 power ON ----> Amp power ON ( preamp , headphone amp and integrated amp )
Power Off:
    Amp power OFF ( preamp , headphone amp and integrated amp ) --->
NOS-1704 power OFF ---> Source power OFF .

Use Manual:

Power button:
power ON/Off the NOS-1704 .

Setting button:
Select the NOS-1704 output level at high (2.5V RCA) or low (1.25V RCA )

Selector button:
Select the input sources.   1: BNC input. 2: Coaxial input. 3 :  Coaxial input. 4:Optical input. 5:Optical input.



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