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NOS-1704 (Limit)
Dedicated Discrete Diamond Difference design  DAC
NOS design applied up to
192K support
4pcs PCM1704UK (two-two parallel connect)

Price:  USD859   (Exclude shipping cost)
(Default install DIR9001 for SPDIF input support up to 24bit / 96KHz, if customer want support up to 192KHz, while place the order inform free replace by CS8416 .)


24Bit 192KHz USB-SPDIF convertor price USD40 .
The USB-SPDIF convertor place on outside, connect to computer, SPDIF connect to NOS-1704 input for implement USB playback.
Driver download:

Download TE8802 driver V2.0   (For Windows)
Download TE8802 driver V1.1 for mac
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          It is close the PCM1704UK chips out of stock, so we design the NOS-1704 as the final version musical DAC built in PCM1704UK .
         The NOS-1704 had applied the NOS + Diamond Difference combo design which is had consider the best musical designs.            
         NOS mean Non OverSample technology, It is easy to implement  but difficult to achieve the good state , without the oversampling digital filter cause the  DAC difficult to  reproduce  a dark background .  Some designs  cut a lot high frequency signal in analog parts to reduce the noise, but lost the detail and have unacceptable phase distortion .
         15 years ago we start build NOS DACs, we have build some lot different NOS DACs , the popular design with TDA1541, TDA1543 sound too warm but lost detail .
         The NOS-1704 sound not very warm but  smooth , have not lose detail and reduce dynamic, the most important is it still have dark background  .
         While you decide place the order please ensure you know  the NOS  DAC  characteristics.

Fully  discrete Diamond Difference design , without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels. High working voltage (+/-35VDC) class A design .
Uses  R-core transformer .
More than 20,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power feed.
A total of 4 groups class A PSU and 4 groups linear PSU  are used to purify the power supply. To achieve high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulator.
Uses most Hi-end grade parts and exact match transistors.
High / Low output level select .

5 groups digital input :
  coaxial *2 / Optical *2 / BNC*1
DAC output :

History of the Diamond Difference design :

         At July 2004, I registered the brand audio-gd ,  at September 2004, I published the first generation diamond difference design at the < Radio & TV> , the best popular  audio technology magazine in China . There were a lot DIYer call me even writed letters to me discuss the circuit.          At November 2004 , the fist regular product of audio-gd , XA-100 power amp released. It had the good honor from customers , let audio-gd can stand and grow up. Before this amp, I already have 6 years experiences of built the Diamond Difference circuit .         At 2005,  the first regular DAC product  DAC-1 released,  a   TDA1541A with diamond difference output stages.
       At 2006 ,the RT-1 released ,  its sound adjusted based on a 300B tube amp.      At 2007 , the RT3 kit released for DIYers .         At 2008 , the DAC-3 released, built in 4 pcs PCM1704 with diamond difference design .
At 2009 ,the SA-300 balanced amp released .     At 2010, I design the dual TDA1541AS2 DAC for fun, we only sale 5 units to the return customers . A pair TDA1541AS2 now value USD800 in market . At 2011 is the Reference 8 and 9 released .

Some other products applied Diamond Difference design maybe can't list , like the C-2 SA, ROC-SA, SA-100.


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