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NOS-1704 (Limit)
Dedicated Discrete Diamond Difference design  DAC
NOS design applied up to 192K support
4pcs PCM1704UK (two-two parallel connect)



24Bit 192KHz USB-SPDIF convertor price USD40 .
The USB-SPDIF convertor place on outside, connect to computer, SPDIF connect to NOS-1704 input for implement USB playback.
Driver download:

Download TE8802 driver V2.0   (For Windows)
Download TE8802 driver V1.1 for mac
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Product Features:

Diamond differential output circuits
            Benefit from two high speed diamond differential output circuits, excellent linearity and low phase distortion, diamond differential circuit is being loved and supported by more and more audio fans. Although the circuit is complex, the sound quality is impressive. We've done a lot of study and experiments on diamond differential current these many years, aiming to get a better solution of circuit design.
             For a DAC, high analyzing ability is the most important requirement. The detailed recurrence of resolution lies in the upward and downward characteristics and the noise level of the output amplifier. Because output amplifier is the bottleneck, if the upward characteristic is not good enough, the signal cannot be followed correctly on time and the amplifier can only catch half or even less of the signal level before it disappears. This leads to a downsizing of the original range of signal output from DAC, which directly causes obscurity or even loss of sound effect and a low analyzing ability. A lot of DACs, therefore, even with a highly analytical D/A converter in the digital section, cannot play most of the details due to its low analog circuit speed. To get a good upward characteristic, the only way is to use a high-speed low-noise transistor amplifier. Even operational amplifier and tube cannot compare with high-speed low-noise transistor amplifier in effectively lowering the TIM distortion which has a big impact on the sound quality and promising a pure and pleasant sound delivery.

Output buffer:       
The output buffers are Non-feedback. For low impedance, we applied the dual FET buffer output stage which is quite less colored than most conventional circuits.

Power supply:
            NOS-1704 applies the excellent 4 pcs PCM1704UK and excellent analog output stages, but these are not the only keys of the best sound. The power supply is most important. Even applying the best DA chip and the best amp, if matched to a normal power supply, the total sound may still be average or sound musical, but can't be neutral and detailed. That is why it is easy to find hi-end grade gears maybe without the best chips or amp stages, but with plenteous dedicated DC supply circuits.
            The NOS-1704 had total 8 PSU groups are applied. Uses 4 groups of high-quality class A parallel connection PSU with dedicated DC supply double-stage PSU, which can offer very clear DC power for the DAC, producing a very black background and neutral sound characteristic. The double-stage PSU is very important for digital parts. Some designs may have very low jitter in theory, but if the power is supplied by a dirty or low-speed power supply, it will increase the jitter and pollute the data, and degrade the sound quality obviously.
             The class A parallel connection PSU has very high input impedance to avoid pulse through the PSU from affecting the DAC and low output impedance with very fast speed and high linearity, so it is a very clean power supply. In my experience, its sound is better than battery power supply, better human sound and neutral.

            Class A  power supply.



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