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C-39 MK3

Fully Balanced discrete Preamp / Headphone amp

Price: USD960


The ACSS sockets have upgrade to new types.
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Custom order options:

1, Custom order different gain:
     The C-39MK3 default have 9DB , if customer have high sensitive speakers want to lower the gain, please inform while place the order. There is 3 workdays delay .

2, Custom order different gain modules for different sound:
The C-39MK3 can replace the gain modules just pull off and push into. The replace must be 4 units for balanced input. The gain modules only effect the sound while RCA/XLR input, the ACSS input always have the neutral sound.





M7 (Default)

Its idea is from MARK LEVINSON’s famous machine, it helps create a wide dynamic range, a grand sound stage and rich musical flavor.
Finished module:
USD 18.00/unit.

Its idea is from ACCUPHASE made a name for itself. The sound is crystal clear, thick and warm.
Finished module:
 USD 22.5/unit.

Its idea is from ACCUPHASE A-100. It’s rich of harmonic and provides a strong sense of space.
Finished module:
 USD 27.00/unit.

Its idea is from MUSICAL FIDELITY E-10. It is full of tube flavor and sounds mellow.
Finished module:
 USD 18.00/unit.

Its idea is from MARANTZ’s CD7HDAM. It provides a wide dynamic range, and sounds still full of musical flavor.
Finished module:
 USD 18.00/unit.



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