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Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC

Supports full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in the Tenor TE8802 chip
Built in 2 Pieces Hi-end grade WM8741 Chips

Price:   USD1330   (Exclude shipping cost)


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Custom order options:

1, Custom order with full remote control function :
    Cost : Free for modify , 3 workdays lead time   .
    Customer want to  buy the remote control while place the order ,price is USD50.

2,  80 steps relays type volume control:
     The NFB-9.2 can custom order with four channel relays control volume . Cost is USD50 and 5 workdays lead time   .

3, Replace the RCA coaxial by BNC socket:
     The RCA coaxial input sockets can replace by BNC sockets , cost is USD10/per  without shipping delay  .
4, Custom order two pair RCA outputs:
      Customer can custom order  two pair RCA output , cost is USD15 and 3 workdays lead time  .


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