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(Dual ES9038Pro +1 FPGA )

Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC
Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter 
Dual Sabre ES9038Pro
DSD , DXD 32bit / 384K Support From USB / HDMI
Built with OCC and Hi-end parts



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Use Manual:
HDMI definitions : (Compatible with PS audio standard)
Pin 1 :       SDATA -                     
Pin 2 :       GND                         
Pin 3 :       SDATA +                    
Pin 4 :       SCLK +                       
Pin 5 :       GND                         
Pin 6 :       SCLK -
Pin 7 :       LRCK -                        
Pin 8 :       GND                         
Pin 9 :       LRCK +
Pin 10:      NC                     
Pin 11:      GND                         
Pin 12:      NC
Pin 13:      NC                            
Pin 14:      NC                           
Pin 15:      NC
Pin 16:      NC                            
Pin 17:      GND                         
Pin 18:      NC
Pin 19:      NC

Setting button:
The setting button can setting the PCM and DSD filter parameters and the auto dark on the display .
        Push the setting button one time, the left one display will flashing few seconds ,in term  push the either Select buttons, it will change between 1 to 7, the PCM filters will working follow below list.
        Push the setting button  again , the middle display will flashing few seconds ,in term, push the either Select buttons, it will change between 4 to 7, the DSD filters will working follow below list.
        Push the setting button again, the left and middle displays will flashing few seconds  , in term push the right Select button, the display will change between "ON" and " OF" , "OF" mean the display will auto dark in around 10 seconds after stop operate the buttons. "ON" mean the display always light after power on.
        If the display had not flashing, the select buttons are for change the input channels. The selected input channel's number will show on the right one display.

Left one display for PCM filters.
Display : 1 Fast roll-off,  Linear.
Display : 2 Slow roll-off, Linear.
Display : 3 Fast roll-off, Minimum.
Display : 4 Slow roll-off, Minimum.
Display : 5 Fast roll-off, Apodizing.
Display : 6 Fast roll-off, Hybrid.
Display : 7 Brickwall filter.
Middle display for DSD filters .
Display : 4 47K
Display : 5 50K
Display : 6 60K
Display : 7 70K



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