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USB / Coaxial / I2S  converter

Full / High Speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in USB-32
perform ultra low jitter  unnecessary DSP processor
Coaxial output up to 24bit / 192KHz support
I2S output up to 32 bit  / 384K 

Promo Price:        DI-V3          USD175 ( USB & coaxial inputs)



DI-PSU for DI-V3

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Please note:
                       The DI had both BNC and RCA coaxial outputs can connect to two DACs at same time.
                       The both version DI has built in 3 groups class A PSUs can work well by USB power supply  . The external power supply only for upgrade, not necessary .
                       The DI-PSU (new) have different than the old Digital Interface extern PSU, the DI-PSU (new) offer 450mA at 7.5VDC.
What's benefit of the coaxial input:
                    The coaxial input can improve on SQ from some low/mid rang coaxial output source. Like some DVD player, PC sound card, low/mid rang CDP like the Marantz CD67, ect. If the coaxial output source already quite Hi-end, don't expect the DI can improve on SQ.




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