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DI-U8 (150 units limit produce)
USB/ Coaxial/ Optical to  RJ45/ HDMI/ Coaxial  converter
Full / High Speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in Xmos U8
perform ultra low jitter
Coaxial Input / Output up to 24bit / 192KHz support
I2S output up to 32 bit  / 384K 
and DSD/DXD  support



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Please note :
        The DI-U8 had built in massive class A PSUs for the best power supply, it will have got heat but it is much safe for its life. We are advice don't cover anythings on it top side, and don't put it on the high heat source .
        The DI-U8 DSD output through I2S can't support audio-gd DSD products which is early than July 2015.

Power earth switch:
 The switch on rear for ON / OFF the power earth wire. Users must put it on.  But can try turn off to test if can improve on sound quality.
DSD CTR is a empty socket.

Click to review : RJ45 and HDMI pin definitions


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