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DI-U8 (150 units limit produce)
USB/ Coaxial/ Optical to  RJ45/ HDMI/ Coaxial  converter
Full / High Speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in Xmos U8
perform ultra low jitter
Coaxial Input / Output up to 24bit / 192KHz support
I2S output up to 32 bit  / 384K 
and DSD/DXD  support



Use Manual


Technology Detail

Custom Option

Shipping Cost

Custom order options:

1, Custom order BNC input /output:
     The RCA coaxial input / output sockets can replace by BNC sockets , cost is USD10/per  without shipping delay   .
2, I2S cables :
      We had test this type cable  had good signal transmit, price is USD3 / pair , include one 0.5 meter and one 0.3 meter cables . The cables not build by us, and we have not make money benefit   on them, so it is without warranty .



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