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DI-2014 (Release since 1st Aug)
USB / Coaxial / Optical to  I2S / Coaxial  converter
Full / High Speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Built in USB-32 DSD
perform ultra low jitter
Coaxial Input / Output up to 24bit / 192KHz support
I2S output up to 32 bit  / 384K 
and DSD/DXD  support




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                       Current Conveyor Technology can much less effect by the transmit cable and sockets, the signal can exact transmit to the DAC so the sound quality have more warranty .
                       The DI-2014 had both BNC and RCA coaxial outputs can connect to two DACs at same time.
                       The DI-2014 had built in ultra high performance power supplied, include 5 groups class A PSUs , the class A PSUs had ultra high input impedance and low output impedance can block the disturb through power supplies effect the sound quality.
                       The DI-2014 had applied 3 groups PSUs supply the USB-32 DSD chip , separate power supply for the core , I/O , PLL and clock . These processes made the performance and sound quality had much improved . Especial the clock and PLL power supplies, applied the negative-feedback power supply ( PSU chips or some Linear PSUs) or power supply common with other circuits will make the phase noise increase to large level and much degrade on sound quality . Our all class A PSUs are non-feedback design .
                        In the DI-2014, the SPDIF input controller chip had separate class A power supply . The Power supply is the source of anythings in audio world!
                        The DI-2014 had not connect the +5V line for less interrupt from computer.
What's benefit of the coaxial / Optical inputs:
                    The coaxial / optical inputs can improve on SQ from some low/mid rang coaxial output source. Like some DVD player, PC sound card, low/mid rang CDP like the Marantz CD67, ect. If the coaxial output source already  Hi-end quality, don't expect the DI-2014 can improve on SQ.




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