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NFB-27(Version 2014 )(DSD / DXD )(Since 1st May 2014)
Fully Discrete  DAC+ Head amp / Preamplifier

DSD , DXD support from USB
32bit / 384K Sabre ES9018
32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer  USB-32 Chip
5 groups digital & 3 groups analogy inputs

wires and TCXOs built in


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Custom order options:

1, Replace the RCA coaxial by BNC socket:
     The RCA coaxial input sockets can replace by BNC sockets , cost is USD10/per  and without shipping delay  .
2, Custom order two pair RCA outputs (Remove the ACSS output):
      If customers don't want ACSS output , replace by RCA output without shipping delay   .

Custom order I2S input .
The customer can custom order I2S input while place the order , the cost is USD25, shipping delay 3 workdays. The I2S socket will replace either IN1 to IN5, customer must inform which one input replace by the I2S input while place the order.
       Click to review : RJ45 and HDMI pin definitions

4, Custom order the display dark at around 7 seconds after operated.
+USD1,without shipping delay.


5, Custom order High Gain model for the HE6 and low sensitivity headphones:
      +USD80 and 2 weeks lead time. If connect with other high sensitivity headphones, may turn few steps volume but had quite loud .


      I2S cables :
      We had test this type cable  had good signal transmit, price is USD3 / pair , include one 0.5 meter and one 0.3 meter cables . The cables not build by us, and we have not make money benefit   on them, so it is without warranty .




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