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Headphone Amplifier / Preamp
Applies ACSS

Class A designed

Price: USD365

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The C-2.2 functions:
     Front plate:
   Volume knob: Control the volume level of the headphone/pre amp.
         Gain button: Push in for high gain (+13DB), out for low gain (+4DB). Only available while using RCA input. ACSS input is always set at High gain regardless of the Gain button for the best sound level.
button: Push in for preamp output, out for
headphone output.
        Selector knob: Select
input signal between 1(RCA) and 2(RCA) and 3(ACSS)

(The C-2.2 applies the OPA604 in default configuration.)
(The C-2.2 owners can replace the single-channel OPA604 opamps with Audio-gd Discrete single-channel OPAs for choosing different flavors. But while replacing the OPA owners can't install it in the wrong direction. See the photo below to confirm correct installation direction. (The OPAs affect sound flavor only with RCA input.)

Single EARTH


Sounds fairly neutral.

Single MOON


Sounds a bit tube-like, that is, a little soft, warm and musical.

Single SUN


Sound  dynamic.



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