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Cap type extend lead kit

         Most designers know the OPAs need power couple caps to keep it work steady and perform the best performance.  In rule, the couple caps want 0.1UF with more than 10UF in parallel connection and the wires to the OPA not more than 10MM. But if use the normal extend lead, the couple caps is far than 100MM, even our OPA have built in two 0.1UF caps but still have not more than 10UF caps to keep it working best. So we build this cap type extend lead for the OPAs install.

Please note:
1, The bottom board had 24 X18 MM, make sure your gear have enough space to install the lead kit.
2, Before install the lead kit, make sure the direction is correct.


        OPA-EARTH  Dual OPA   USD22.5/1 unit   (24*24*40)
        OPA-EARTH  Single OPA  USD12/1 unit  

        OPA-MOON  Dual OPA   USD25/1 unit   (24*24*40)
        OPA-MOON  Single OPA  USD13.5/1 unit

        OPA-SUN  Dual OPA   USD30/1 unit   (24*24*40)
        OPA-SUN  Single OPA  USD16/1 unit 
(Without Postage)

  Standard Extension lead of the OPA, Price is   USD3/unit,
   Cap type
Extension lead of the OPA, Price is   USD3.1/unit,
 standard length 100MM,  but you can also place an order for 50-200MM.

      We guarantee to keep OPA in working condition without charging any labor cost, but customers will need pay for shipping charges both ways. The leads are not guaranteed for repair.

        Application : Generally the IC opamp application is designed for industrial usage. When the IC opamp is used for audio, the performance is less than satisfactory. This discrete opamp uses accurate matching of components and audiophile grade resistors, combined with dedicated audio design circuitry which gives a smooth and natural output sound. This discrete opamp can be used to replace existing opamp in amplifier or CD/DAC as an upgrade.

      Quality assure: Every OPA is thoroughly tested twice on professional equipments , Our priority is Quality first, followed by Efficiency.

       OPA ¡V Earth : Our first generation discrete opamp has been sold throughout the world by other marketing means. This discrete opamp utilizes integrated cascode circuit with the schematic based on single channel circuit which is an improvement based on new improved parameters and technology. The sound characteristics is neutral and natural . THD Less than 0.0005%(1KHz), Operating voltage¡G¡Ó9 TO ¡Ó25V¡AOpen loop gain¡G35DB¡AOperating current¡G Approx. 28MA¡]Single OPA¡^¡AApprox. 56MA¡]Dual OPA¡^.(Products have been upgraded to Cap Model, using EVOX MMK capacitors. )

       OPA - Moon : This discrete opamp uses dual differential gain stage and single ended output stage circuit design , we try and audition for a long period of time . The OPA-Moon sound characteristics is a bit of tube-like (vacuum valve) , soft and slightly thick, and full of emotions . THD Less than 0.0008%(1KHz), Operating voltage ¡G¡Ó9 TO ¡Ó25V¡AOpen loop gain¡G33DB¡AOperating current¡GApprox. 28MA¡]Single OPA¡^ ¡A Approx 58MA¡]Dual OPA¡^ .(Products have been upgraded to Cap Model, using EVOX MMK capacitors. )

       OPA-SUN : This discrete opamp uses full balanced circuit design which is widely appreciated by our Hong Kong and American followers among our other products. THD Less than 0.0003%(1KHz), Operating voltage ¡G¡Ó12 TO ¡Ó20V¡AOpen loop gain¡G36DB¡AOperating current¡G Approx 25MA¡]Single OPA¡^¡AApprox. 50MA¡]Dual OPA¡^.(Products have been upgraded to Cap Model, use EVOX MMK capacitors. )

      The discrete opamp not only can replace typical single or double output opamp, but it also has a separate earth(ground) wire which can be connected to the earth of the player. Even if the earth wire is not connected or used, the output sound will have slight difference. The user can choose to decide on his own, but we recommend to connect the earth wire to ground.  Please do not  connect OPAs earth wire to AC power socket ground.

      Dual OPA:It can replace  AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5534, LF353, LF358,LM833N, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, RC4558D, RC4558, TL052, TL072,LT1057,BA5218,EL2244,LM4562 ...
      Single OPA:It can replace LF356, LF357, NE5534, LT1122, OPA627,OPA637,OPA604, AD797,AD811, AD844,OPA603,OPA134...





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