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Master 2A (100W Pure Class A Design)

150W at 8 ohm/ 600W at 2 ohm
Real Balanced ACSS Non Negative Feedback Power Amp
Supports XLR and ACSS inputs
Applied "Linear Fidelity" Technology
Soft Start Power Design
80 pcs output transistors


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ACSS and XLR selectionG

How to connect the preamp only had the RCA output :

      Master 2A is a real balanced design power amp, so even connect the RCA output from preamp, can conversion to balanced output in the amp inside ,without any extra circuit board .
     While connect to the RCA output preamp, we are advice applied the RCA to XLR cable as below diagram . This is can be better than use the RCA- XLR adaptor and modify the Master 2A had RCA input sockets .



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