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R-7  (2021 Version)

8 group fully discrete R-2R DA modules to combine into real balanced push/pull decoders.

4 group fully discrete real balanced DSD native decoders.

Fully discrete real balanced  current transmition design.

2 pc ultra high frequency 90/98 MHz Accusilicon 318B femtosecond clocks provide synchronous clock for whole unit without PLL up-frequency .

32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer Amanero 384 apply the FPGA synchronous clock.

Both USB / HDMI have built in separate isolator and pure class A isolate power supply.

The whole digital circuit built with 1 pc FPGA and 7 pc CPLD programmable chipsets to separate the different configured circuits for avoid interrupt, data process in parallel mode.

Support firmware update to improve on sound quality.

Input signal sampling display.

Support external 10MHz clock input (Default is 50 ohm, 75 ohm can be custom order).

All digital process mode settings accessible by buttons on front  (No need  to open the chassis).

Firmware update port accessible on rear (Update  firmware n
o need  to open the chassis).




Please note: The product improve cause the inside or outside change without inform .
Summarize Use Manual Specs Custom Option Shipping Cost

Custom order options:

Option 1:Custom order Canare 75 ohm BNC coaixal replace IN1 AES/EBU or  IN2 RCA coaxial socket, price is USD7.5.

Option 2:Custom order replace the ACSS output by RCA outputs, price is USD7.5.

Option 3:Custom order different define of the I2S pins price is USD7.5.(Customer must provide detail pin

Option 4 : Custom order the 10MHz with 75 ohm impedance, price is USD7.5 .




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