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R2R 11  (2019 Version)
Single Ended Discrete Ladder Headphone amp / DAC (DSD native / DXD / PCM)

NOS design with 
R-2R resistor ladders DAC+Headamp
Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules

Unique noise reject technology remove the artifacts
DSD , DXD support from USB 
Amanero Combo 384 USB interface

All parts soldering with silver tin All resistors are the KOA / Vishay, no upgrade options


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Please note:
The R2R 11 built in high biase current amps , for most headphones at normal listen volume it is working at class A state , so working long time will become a little warm, there is better keep it have good are follow state and don't cover other things on its top side .
R2R 11 must install the driver for Windows USB connect.
       Mac OSX , IOS , Linux and SPDIF without driver install necessary .
       The discrete R2R ladders DA had a lot parts, it need longer term burn in for get the best sound than other DA chips.
       The R2R 11 had not built in mute design for avoid the sound quality degrade. Some SPDIF devices design the SPDIF signal shut down while no music playing , and turn on the SPDIF signal while the music playing, it may cause a pop noise output while the source shut down or turn on the SPDIF signal. Computer connect is without this issue.

How to set the R2R 11 DAC output as variable or fixed level ?

The R2R 11 has one group  dedicated DAC output, In default its output level setting is at variable mode only .
      If users only want the fixed volume mode  , change the jumper as below picture . Then users can select between headphone , variable output mode (DAC + Preamp ) and fixed output mode (Decent DAC ) .
      (Be care, if the R2R 11 DAC output connect to a non volume control external amp , don't turn to fixed output model , or setting to variable output model only . The headphone output always have volume control. )



Setting the R2R 11 with warmer sound flavor ?
Push into two jumpers in the points can let the  sound warmer for match the bright headphone. (Please operate while the unit power off, and pull off the power cable if you want to remove the top cover board ).

The R2R 11 Functions:

Front plate:
Output switch:        Select output between headphone and DAC output ( Variable level) and DAC output ( Fixed level).
Gain switch:           Select gain between low gain (+0DB) and high gain (+12DB).
Volume knob:         Control the volume level of the headphone and variable DAC output.
Input switch:           Select source between USB, coaxial and optical.   

     Power socket:        For power input and power ON/OFF switch.
     USB socket:           For USB input.
     Opt socket:            For optical input.
     Coax socket:           For coaxial input.
     DAC out sockets:    For dedicated DAC output.
DAC output ( Variable level) and DAC output ( Fixed level).



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