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R2R 24BIT / 3072K DA module
Price: (Two pcs work in PULL/PUSH mode,Exclude shipping cost)
With R2R resistors :USD88
Without R2R resistors :USD60
 (Purchase 4 pcs or more can get 10% OFF , and free the assemble parts)


Summarize Shipping Cost

Applied programmable chip , up to 450MHz working frequency, offer strong ability and can through the codes to improve the performance.
Multiple modes built in for users select , it is better choice of DIYers.

         1, It can setting working either NOS mode (IIS input) and after digital filter ( Right Justified ) so it can easy for DIY a new DAC or replace the DA chips in the original DAC .
         2, It can setting working either left and right channels, the two DA modules just want to connect same IIS input signal and can working as stereo DAC without external process .
         3, It can setting either invent and non invent , four pcs modules can connect same IIS input signal and working as balanced stereo DAC without external process .
         4, It can setting working in Pull / Push mode as the PCM1704 technology, two module working for one output , one for the positive wave , another for the negative wave , refuse the zero distortion . Even though without Pull/ Push mode, only one pc working, the zero distortion is very low.

Support up to 24 BIT / 3072Khz in NOS mode, and 384Khz in 8x oversampling mode.

Low Power Consumption, only need +3.3V (+/- 5%) / 30mA power.


Example for applied:

Please note:
1, There is already built in 1.8V PSU, so the on board 1.8V pin can't connect to external power. If customer want to power supply by external power, must remove the on board 1.8V PSU.
2, The product for DIY, before shipping ,we had the full check, but it may damage by wrong power connect or other case, so it had not warranty after shipping .
3, It working with 64 BCLK format data.

The most simply USB NOS DAC circuit diagram (It had applied the USB power supply so the output voltage level is slight low)

Standard stereo NOS dac circuit diagram .

One channel Pull/ push mode NOS dac  circuit diagram .


Recommend one channel balance assemble guide (we are not recommend assemble two channels as below):


Recommend one channel Push/ Pull assemble guide (One channel balance Push/ pull can assemble 4 pcs together but customer want to buy the longer pins or enough length copper wires for connect them):



Setting guide:

    J1 :Two pcs module working in Push/ pull mode, must push into a jumper.
    J2 :Two pcs module working in Push/ pull mode, the positive wave module without jumper but the negative wave module want to push into a jumper.
    J3 :Build the NOS DAC, left channel without jumper but the right channel with the jumper.
    J4 :Build the NOS DAC and with IIS input, without jumper but build the oversampling DAC with Right Justified input must push into a jumper.
    J5 :Without jumper for non invert output, with jumper for invert output.

Setting examples :
     2 pcs modules build the NOS DAC with IIS input:
Left channel module without any jumper, but Right channel with a jumper on J3.
     4 pcs modules built the NOS DAC with IIS input and working with Push / pull mode : Every channel had 2 pcs modules and the J1 must with jumpers , 1 pc module must push into a jumper to J2 for setting working for negative wave .Another module without jumper on J2 for working as positive wave . Every channel had connect J81 to J106 (The J104 and J105 can short by tins), PINA and PINB. The input signal and output signal just want to connect from one module.
     4 pcs modules built the balance DAC : Every channels had 2 pcs modules , one of them push into a jumper on J5 for setting as cold output, another without jumper on J5 for hot output.
     Replace the DA chip in the original DAC : If the DAC had built in digital filter, please confirm its output format is Right Justified . The left module connect the DOL , WCK and BCK from digital filter and the right channel connect the DOR, WCK and BCK, and both modules had jumper on J4 .

     The module had separate digital and analog power input, it is better had separate power supply , and the power had good quality .
     While 2 pcs module working with Push / Pull or balance modes, assemble them together by 15MM copper pillars, solder the PINA and PINB together by 21MM copper pins , the power supply, signal input and output just want to connect on one module.
     The module had the DC offset , customer want to use the couple cap, or the DAC analog filter output had the couple caps or DC serve design. For the balance DAC design, the proper design can remove the DC offset in the analog filter amp output , without couple caps or DC serve design .
    The module had better with over 10K ohm impedance load .




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