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Digital Interface(asynchronous process)
DSP-3 inside
With USB and optional coaxial input (Support up to 24bit/96KHz)
RCA and BNC coaxial output
 (Supports Original sampling and upsampling to 96KHz/192KHz)

Price: Version A USD190 (With USB and coaxial input)
          Version B USD140 (Only USB input)
         Class A external power supply USD75
(The Digital Interface can work well by USB power supply ,The external power supply only for upgrade, not necessary .)

Weight: Approximately 1.5KG ( Digital Interface)
3KG (Digital Interface + External power supply box)
Dimension:  W163 X H44 X L120(MM)
Accessories: 1 USB cable
1  DC power cable and AC power cable ( Only for who order the external power supply box)

Please note: Digital Interface had both BNC and RCA coaxial output but users can connect both at same time.


        Uses all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA & SOLEN caps (German brand), custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps. Digital Interface applied asynchronous process .

What's different between DSP1 and DSP3:
        Both DSP1 and DSP3 are based on the Altera Cyclone II chip, but we apply different software to perform different functions. Both have data synchronization to reduce jitter, but DSP1 has a built-in high performance digital filter, it is only used for DAC. The DSP3 is especially designed for digital interface only, not designed especially for DAC. It has built-in upsampling which allows output up to 96KHz or 192KHz (In default setting, its output is the original sampling), and designed for high speed SPDIF output, without digital filter. DSP3 can accept I2S input/output. 

What's benefit of the coaxial input:
        The coaxial input can improve on SQ from some low/mid rang coaxial output source. Like some DVD player, PC sound card, low/mid rang CDP like the Marantz CD67, ect. If the coaxial output source already quite Hi-end, don't expect the Digital Interface can improve on SQ.

Feedback :



The review of our Digital Interface from John Darko.
http://www.digitalaudioreview.net.au/index.php/audio-reviews/digital-source-reviews/item/283-audio-gd-digital-interface- -class-a-psu

Version A
Version B

Digital Interface external power supply:
1, Connect the DC power cable between Digital Interface and the External power box.
     2, Push the power selector to "DC IN".
     3, Power on the power box.
     4, Because the External power box is work on Class A, so if it don't power supply for the Digital Interface, please shut down it.


 The setting options of the Digital Interface:
(If setting at 192KHz output, users must sure has an enough good quality of the coaxial cable .The upsampling setting is not guaranteed.)


Upgrade clock


 Function and feature:
      The digital interface has USB and coaxial input and both can accept 24Bit/96KHz input. It has RCA and BNC output but users can only use one at a time.

 Digital Interface applied asynchronous process . Built-in DSP-3 board, data in-phase processor for digital audio. 208-pin PQFP package, Manufactured on 300-mm wafers, using 90-nm low-k dielectric process. Device offers advanced features for high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) applications with up to 250-MHz Data and Master-clock in-phase processing with near zero jitter.

      Digital Interface can output signal in original sampling rate or upsample it at the rates of 48KHz, 96KHz, and 192KHz.

      In order to minimize noise and keep jitter at its lowest, applies class A transistors PSU. It can be powered by USB (The USB must be able to provide 300MA power, standard USB can offer 500MA power) or powered by an external DC power supply (DC5V to 10V, we recommend DC7V/400MAAIf users feed it a wrong polarity DC power it will break the Digital Interface, so be careful choosing the external power supply). 

      The The Digital Interface can work well by USB power supply, but we offer the high performance external class A power supply box support to who are the critic to get the hi-end sound level without modify by themselve.

      The Digital Interface applied a silver wires isolated transformer for insulate the ground noise between PC and the DAC, which can offer the black backstage and more analog sound flavors.

      The Digital Interface applied real 75 ohm gold plate BNC socket output, which can reduce signal loss between transmit.

      The Digital Interface applied lot costly SOLEN caps for offer the much analog sound which is made the listen more pleasant.



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