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Reference-7.1(Since Jan. 2011)
Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC

DSP-1 inside
Built in 8 Pieces  PCM1704UK Chips

Price:      (Exclude shipping cost)
               Non-USB version USD1900
               192KHz USB version USD1960


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            The DSP-1(V5) digital processor can supports NOS, 2X, 4X and 8X oversampling customers setting.
Fully discrete amp without any OPAs (the OPAs only for DC serve) ,without any couple caps ,fully non- feedback . Applied 19 groups non-feedback Class A power supplys .
            Uses all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA & SOLEN caps , custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets and gold IEC socket.
            Applies ACSS technology, even though maybe you only connect to XLR or RCA output, Reference-7.1 will always operate in ACSS technology, and benefit from ACSS technology. Therefore, XLR and RCA output will also definitely bring about improvement in sound quality. Even through RCA output, the 8X PCM1704UK DA chips will perform fully.
            Reference-7.1 has AES and BNC and RCA and Optical, four separate digital input groups.Reference-7.1 applies a high performance clock to keep the timing more steady.

             1, DAC Reference-7.1 has extremely high fidelity; its SQ is neutral. It can show how good or how bad a recording is.
              2, It is better not to stack gear on top of each other, if must stack Reference-7.1 on other gear, place a paper or other insulating material on top of other gear, because Reference-7.1 has conductive aluminium feet .
             3, Attention must be given to matching suitable power cable, coaxial cable and output signal cable.
             4, Reference 7.1 have 3 feet under bottom side for the best balance state , if customers want 4 feet , please ask the custom order .

Feedback :




Feedback from users (Since 25th May, 2012):

Radik from Germany:
I'm listening to the Reference 7.1 and the Master 8 since 3 days now - and I'm BLOWN AWAY!!! I had many good audio gear in my short life but I never heard something like that - your stuff is a genius work!!! THANK YOU A LOT!! The room where the instruments are placed in is perfect (reverb and the atmosphere!!) and the soundstage is really homogenous! BUT ABOVE ALL OF THIS IS NATURALITY!!! - the voices and instruments sound very realistic and I know what it means, because I spend much time in recording studios (according to my profession). I'll write you next days more impressions after the Burn In...

An user from USA:
Once again this is the best DAC I've ever heard. I know it will easily beat anything under $3K and I cannt wait to try it against a $7.5K DAC and up!

An user from Canada:
I just wanted to say I received the Reference 7.1 today and even just out of the box it is very impressive! I can't wait for the warm up/break in period to be over! The Master 1 preamp didn't arrive so I hope that it will be here soon.

2nd June , Angelo from Canada:

          I just wanted to let you know that the Master 1 arrived safely and I have been listening to the system with both the Reference 7.1 and the Master 1 in place and all I can say is thank you so much! I have included a picture of the system with the Audio-gd products in place. My system has always been very revealing (just as I like it to be) and the addition of your equipment has not changed that character, but has improved on it. Bad recordings sound bad. Good recordings sound good, and great recordings make you believe you are in the room with the musicians. Day by day the sound is improving as the equipment breaks in and I and anyone else who has listened to the system is very impressed.
         I can't recommend these pieces of equipment highly enough to anyone else who is thinking of buying them! My respect and thanks to you and everyone at your company for producing such fine products and for offering an exceptional level of customer service as well.

7th June , Angelo from Canada:

          Hi! I have received 3ft Complement cable set for the ACSSconnection from Peter at DHC cables. After just a couple of days Ihave to tell you I am very impressed. The Master 1 Ref 7.1 combinationis wonderful, but using the ACSS connection is truly special. I wasusing a Monster Cable Sigma Retro Gold 1M XLR set to connect thepreamp and DAC and it works really well, excellent in fact. (as onewould hope from a cable set that sells for nearly $2,000.!) But usingPeter's Complement cables ($599./pr with ACSS connectors) for the ACSSmoves things to a completely different (better!) level.The sound is natural, detailed, sound staging is wide, high anddeep. Bass is taut and powerful when the recording has such but neverbloated. Nothing seems out of place across the frequency range the keyword is balance.These are the things I can say about your components,adding the DHC cables just increases all of the above! You should talkto Peter about offering his cables as standard equipment ( at leastfor the Master series) or perhaps as a "factory" option, they reallyare that good. I am waiting for some parts from Japan so I can make upa couple of AC cords. I made one for my power amp from Furutech cableand Oyaide F1/M1 plugs and they made a big improvement so I am lookingforward to getting them installed. I first used the same cable but theOyaide P-03/C-03 plugs for my subwoofers and despite not being theirtop connectors was also happy with the improvement over the stockcables.Sorry to go on, but I am very happy with how well your componentswork in my system and with the DHC cables added things are evenbetter!

10th July , Ko from Malaysia:

          用了senn HD800 / at - ATH-W3000ANV / AKG Q701 ---> Woo audio WA22听了整晚 ,我不是什么音乐师所以只能给你留下的简单感想,不过 Reference 7.1 真的超越了我的期望!
         把耳机戴上就一直无法放下,像我刚把头盔从我头上拿下来一样舒服,头顶多了一层空间 - 声音广阔有深度,还真没那么高的期望能听出什么大的差别来,原来细小的声音也能连接得这么自然,这么好听,使以前平淡的音乐变得满有感觉,真是个完美作品。
        "Hooked up my gears and the differences was almost instant and captivating. Sound stage and dimensional resolution was simply stunning , as if the 3rd dimension which was vaguely presented with my previous DAC just pop out of my musics while I rolled my eyes around, it almost feels like i had just taken off my helmet above my head and they sounded deeper, more opened and relaxed. Low level listening is now so much more enjoyable, the sound was really smooth when handling transients especially over a period of soft diminishing voices, naturally joining them and bringing out the emotional essence of the musics accurately without compromising any details. No, im not an audio engineer, but to my ears the Reference 7.1 DAC - A truly stunning and exellent DAC that dazzeled me and blow my thought away that a DAC can change music experience by this much."

14th July , Joe from Australia:

          I jst bought your ref 7.1 with USB from Addicted to Sound (George, Australia). Congratulation to you ! You've made an awesome DAC. My player is an upgraded Shanling SCDT200. I compared it several times with & without your DAC.
         4 PCM 1704 per channel, discrete, no cap on audio lines, precise clock, good PSU, NFB all with an affordable price . It produces good soundstage, sound becomes more defined: violin sounds violin, flute sounds flute, piano sounds piano, sound becomes tighter.
PS: with your DAC I can hear more of piano's note vibration. That's why piano sounds piano with your DAC.



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