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Uses 2 pieces of Burr-Brown PCM1704UK
ACSS /RCA output DAC
Coaxial/Optical/USB input
24Bit / 96KHz USB input and  Coaxial/Opitcal support

USD640 (Exclude shipping cost)
Weight: Approximately 5kg
Dimension:  W240 X L300 X H80(MM)
Accessories: Stock power cable X1,stock optical cable X1,USB cable X1

Sound Characteristics:  

        Delivers a neutral and faithful-like sound with well-expressed dynamic details. It offers near real sound and less coloration.







DSP-1 Device CharacteristicsG

About ACSS:
         ACSS (Audio-gd Current Signal System) is Audio-gd's system for transmitting audio signals in the current domain. This concept, first seen in 1966, we have used for many years, and since 2006, have evolved the technology to include all audio signals in our systems from the digital source to the power amplifier. Since 2005, ACSS comp5nts have become Audio-gd's most popular products.

Technical characteristics:
      The DAC-19 uses 2 top-grade PCM1704UK Digital-to-Analog converters. ACSS technology brings out the full potential and excellence of PCM1704UK.

      The super scale ACSS module is newly developed with more advanced technologies dedicated to the DAC-19 to produce even better sound quality. High precision electronic components are used to guarantee accurate  output and all electronic components in the circuit board are comprised of highly calibrated products. All audio signals will go through the ACSS processing technique to ensure that the original characteristics and nuances of the PCM1704UK are not diluted at whichever output is chosen. The DAC-19 does not have IC opamps in the signal path and only all discrete components are used.

     A dual stages parallel connection cascode FET 0DB output buffers for RCA output. The ACSS and output buffers both are Zero feedback circuits. The DAC-19 supports ACSS output, can connect to Audio-gd ACSS input amps like C-2 headphone amp and CIA-400 power amp. The DAC-19  uses DC servo circuits to keep the output offset at zero, so there are no coupling caps in the analogy signal path.

      The DAC-19 uses the DIR9001 chipset to accept the digital inputs and perform demodulation, the DIR9001 exhibits an exceptional fixed Jitter value as low as 50PS, which is the lowest Jitter demodulation chip at present, while CS8414/8412 Jitter value is as high as 200PS. The DAC-19 applies a exact clock to keep the work much steady.

      The DAC-19 DSP applies Audio-gd DSP1, which can manage Data and Master-clock in-phase processing without jitter. DSP-1 can specifically improve on sound quality, but does not mean the DAC is not sensitivity to sources, because the sound quality can degrade not only due to jitter, there are many other reasons the sound quality can degrade in the source.

      Single Coaxial /Optical / USB inputs are available with RCA and ACSS outputs.

      The DAC-19 uses 8 groups of voltage regulators for lowering the internal resistance and to purify power supply. A separate control circuit is powered with each regulator separately. Such power supply setup is rare in domestic designs, and more common in Hi-end DACs made by renowned Audiophile Companies, which plays a crucial role in the performance of their DACs.

     The DAC-19 functions:
Front plate:
      Left button: power ON/OFF switch.
      The knob:
Select built-in DAC source between USB, coaxial and optical.
      Right button: Choose between RCA and ACSS output configure. (Owners can choose this button anytime.)

     Hi-end parts used:

  The DAC-19 uses mostly DALE and Vishay resistors, EVOX and WIMA  capacitors. The electrolyte capacitors are custom ordered from NOVER (a UK brand), and exact-matched transistors. RCA sockets are custom ordered and 24k gold plated. All transistors are Toshiba and Hitachi.

  All aluminum chassis (Black). Panel thicknesses 8mm.

  The PCB employs 2MM double copper/stringy board, 70uM copper.

  50 Watt custom R-core transformer, with a wide input voltage of 100-130V or 200-260V.

  All Audio-gd's workers are hi-fi enthusiasts and skilled electronic assemblers.

  Prior to shipment, our products are burned-in for 100 hours, and undergo a variety of tests multiple times to ensure they work perfectly for the customer.


DAC-19 Specs

Improvement may result in changes in specifications and
design without notice.

RCA Output
S/N Ratio:>113db
Output Level:2.5V
Frequency Breadth:20-20KHz

ACSS Output
S/N Ratio:>116db
Frequency Breadth:20-20KHz



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