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AS-1   (2021 version)
(Monitor sound style)

(Dual ES9028Pro +1 FPGA )
Ultra low distortion fully balanced DAC

Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter 
Dual Sabre ES9028Pro
32bit / PCM384K /DSD512 asynchronous transfer Amanero 384 apply the FPGA synchronous clock
HDMI & USB support up to DSD512
Built with OCC and Hi-end parts



Summarize Use Manual Specs Shipping Cost

Amanero combo 384 Intruduce and driver download

  ( Exclude shipping cost)
AS-1.28 stand version:                       USD763  (Dual ES9028Pro)
AS-1.28 Full Clocks upgrade version: USD888
(Dual ES9028Pro,Femtosecond Accusilicon *2 )

AS-1.38 stand version:                         USD903  (Dual ES9038Pro)
AS-1.38 Full Clocks upgrade version: USD1028 (Dual ES9038Pro,Femtosecond Accusilicon *2 )
Please send your address, name  to audio-gd@vip.163.com get the quote.

AS-1 (2021 version) feature:

 1,     USB  transmit the IIS signal to the FPGA processor and receive the clock signal from the FPGA processor, the USB interface without on board data clocks, the signal transmit is much exact, the sound quality get the much improve , close to the last generative AS-1 combine with DI-20 (But not DI-20HE) level.
2,     The ESS9028PRO/9038PRO clock has apply the same clock of the FPGA.

ESS9028 Pro specs:

Who need the AS-1:
           AS-1 is not the lowest distortion DAC in world, but it had the ultra low distortion and price is not expensive.
          AS-1 is not only declare with the words has low distortion,  we offer the measure diagram for every single unit (It is normal that the THD has few DB different, the first 20 units offer AP SYS-2722 measure diagram, after that will offer AP ATS-2 measure diagram, ATS-2 measure diagram will has around 6DB worst than SYS-2722A but it is not mean the unit performance worse),  verify by the professional instruments is welcome.
           We known that the proper 2nd THD makes the sound become smooth and rich,  the proper 3rd THD makes the sound become transparency and lively, how to adjust the level of 2nd and 3rd THD is the secret technology of the designers, that is why some audio devices have the higher distortion like phono, and some few very expensive European made audio devices  had better musical to most people than some others low distortion devices .
           We had not applied technology method to adjust the AS-1 THD effect the sound flavor, we just made it has the very low distortion , and through selected the different parts apply to keep the sound listening pleasant . It is not the audio-gd house sound style.
           Who need the AS-1?
           I guess that is in below:
           1, Who concern the specs at first .
           2, Who want a monitor sound to test the cable, room, speakers  or somethings of audio.


Some specs of the AS-1 (Measured by AP SYS-2722,unit with 300 hrs burn in):
           THD . (the same unit measure in same minute , the peak level result may has few DB different, so I test the same unit in different time and post the result in below) :


Distortion to Frequency (This diagram effect has less effect by the different test time):

Frequency band  (This diagram effect has less effect by the different test time):

Jitter test with 12KHz with the stock clocks. (The clock burn in time and power supply clean can have few DB effect )




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