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 Balanced Bridging  Power amplifier

Price: USD1590 


The ACSS sockets have upgrade to new types
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Product Feature:

   The ACSS is a non-feedback technology made with fully discrete amplifiers. Most people know the global feedback design can offer better specs in test measurements, and non-feedback can't do well in test measurements but can offer better sound for the human's ears. Here is a conflict of the classic circuits. But the ACSS opens a new field, it can offer a least coloration sound which is more neutral with very low distortion and high linearity. So it can retain the dynamics, detail and neutral sound but not sound bright or harsh.

   Massive use of high power parts and robust regulated power supply guarantee vigorous current output that drives most existing loudspeakers. The new ACSS module adopted in current signal handling of C-10 sustains the musical signal intact, bringing dynamic response and acoustic fidelity to an unprecedented level.

   The C-10 provides ACSS input and XRL input. When C-10 works with ACSS preamps C-3 or C-8 or C39, it shares the isolated control circuit of the preamp causing even better signal matching and controlling. The fruitful result is: far higher s/n ratio and lower distortion than ever expected.

   Balanced signal throughout, an entire class A current gain circuit. The music signal is transferred in this ACSS form till it reaches the output stage. ACSS musical signal would be directly transferred to ACSS signal amplification module in the amplifier for signal gain processing. Balanced bridging circuit structure doubles not only the scale of the circuit but also the cost.

   All signal gain is under current form, achieved by the unique, superb open loop multiple output current mirror. Current mirror that deals with the last stage of current gain utilizes 36 pairs of high speed and high linearity transistors. Incomparably precise and ultra-low distortion in the gain signal is the result. The signal path is balanced throughout and all transistors work in class A mode.

   Relying exclusively on the feature of ultra-low distortion of the very linear ACSS amplifier, the music is unbounded, euphonious and distinct even without negative feedback.

   The ultra-low distortion, independent, yet intra-complementary front driving stage and the 0DB output stage provides the back output stage with hyper-speed, hyper-linearity regardless of low impedance or reactance load.
   For purity of output signal, high performance regulated power circuits are employed in the power supplied to the low voltage and gain stage. Influence from AC fluctuation is minimized.

   All regulators work in current convert mode which excels in high bandwidth, low output impedance and great immunity against interference.




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