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iscrete Preamp / Headphone amp
Applied Diamond Difference design
Power output 10,000 mW @ 40 ohm


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The rule of the power ON /  OFF:
Power On :
power ON ---->    SA31 power ON ----> Amp power ON
Power Off:
    Amp power OFF
---->  SA31 power OFF   ---> Source power OFF .

Volume Down and Up button on front plate:
1. After powering on the SA-31, it will display “SA-31” three times and show the last settings before power off. If you push and hold the "volume down" button for one second, SA-31 will forget the volume level previously set and reset the volume to zero, other settings being unchanged. Otherwise, if you push and hold the "volume up" button for one second, SA-31 will resume the volume level previously set, other settings also being unchanged.
2. Push “volume up” or “volume down” button once to change the volume in single step.
3. Push and hold “volume up” or “volume down” button to change the volume quickly.


Get warmer sound by self :
If user want to get warmer sound, push into two jumpers in the "warmer sound 1" sockets in the photo.
Push input four jumpers in the " warmer sound 1" and " warmer sound 2" socket get more warmer sounding.




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