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NOS 11 (Release at 1st July)

Discrete  DAC + Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier
Combine from the NOS 7 + Master 9

Built in DSP data processor
Supports up to 768KHz
32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer 
Amanero combo384
Built in 4 Pieces Hi-grade PCM1704UK Chips
9000mW at 40 ohm (Class A, per channels )
16000mW at 25 ohm (Max, per channels)
wires and TCXO built in



Summarize Use Manual Specs Custom Option Shipping Cost

1, Custom order HDMI replace RJ45 I2S input.
Price is USD20, without shipping delay.

2, Custom order HDMI replace USB input.
Free with 1 days  shipping delay.

3, Custom order High Gain model for the HE6 and low sensitivity headphones:
      The NFB-27H default had 16DB gain, customers can custom order extra +3 to +9 DB gain with 4 workdays leadtime. If connect with other high sensitivity headphones like over 115DB sensitivity, may turn few steps volume but had quite loud .
      +3DB extra gain, total +19DB, price +USD20.
      +6DB extra gain, total +22DB, price +USD25.
      +9DB extra gain, total +25DB, price +USD30.



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