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(2017 version. Since 1st.May)

The full balanced design based on Master 9
Class A PSUs built in
Discrete  Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier
Super Exponential Volume Characteristic
8000mW at 40 ohm output
OCC and hi-end parts applied




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Custom Option

Shipping Cost

Custom order options:

1, Custom order High Gain model for the HE6 and low sensitivity headphones:
      The NFB-1AMP default had 16DB gain, customers can custom order extra +3 to +9 DB gain with 4 workdays leadtime. If connect with other high sensitivity headphones like over 115DB sensitivity , may turn few steps volume but had quite loud .
      +3DB extra gain, total +19DB, price +USD20.
      +6DB extra gain, total +22DB, price +USD25.
      +9DB extra gain, total +25DB, price +USD30.



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