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Upgrade from NFB-10ES, with remote control
Discrete  DAC+ Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer  USB-32 Chip
32bit / 192K
Sabre ES9018


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The rule of the power ON /  OFF ( in Preamp model connect to power amp ):
Power On :
power ON ---->    NFB-10 power ON ----> Amp power ON
Power Off:
    Amp power OFF
---->  NFB-10 power OFF   ---> Source power OFF .
In USB model, start the computer then power on the NFB-10 is necessary because the NFB-10ES have not applied the USB+5V for less interrupt from the computer.

How to set the NFB-10ES3 DAC output in ¡§variable line level¡¨ mode or ¡§fixed line level¡¨ mode?
         NFB-10ES3 has dedicated DAC output in RCA, XLR and ACSS. In default, its output level mode is set to ¡§variable line level¡¨ (If your amplifier or active speaker has no volume control, we advise to set it to ¡§variable line level¡¨). If users would like to switch to ¡§fixed line level¡¨ mode, please push a jumper into the socket as illustrated in the following photo.
The jumper is pushed into the socket labeled in the red pane for ¡§fixed line level¡¨ mode. (Please pull out the power cord before the cover of the chassis is taken off)      


Setting the NFB-10ES3 have I2S input:
If your don't need the NFB-10ES3 have USB input, you can change to I2S input .
Please pull out the power cord before the cover of the chassis is taken off .
             2, Take off the two screws on rear and take off the USB module.
             3, The I2S input socket defines as the photo.
             4, If your I2S source need the power supply , you can connect from the I2S input socket . (Please note : The +3.3V can't short with the GND  , and its max output is 200MA . Wrong operate may shatter the gear ) .



Setting the NFB-10ES3 have warmer sound:
            The 4 pcs jumper are pushed into the socket labeled in the red pane  for setting the NFB-28 have warmer sound. (Please pull out the power cord before the cover of the chassis is taken off .)

If only the RCA or 6.3MM headphone  is used, is the NFB-10ES3 being wasted or not fully utilized?
       NFB-10ES3 is a real balanced DAC . It has balanced output (ACSS, XLR and balanced headphone output) and single-ended output . There are 4 ACSS amplifiers in the NFB-10ES3 for balanced outputs and balanced inputs. Even when a single-ended output is used, the ES9018 DA chips will perform fully thanks to the fully balanced design.

Please note :
1,     Before shipping we had double check the gear have the perfect state of the outside . 
        Few countries customs workers is rude maybe scrape the chassis or volume knob while custom check , if the scrape have not effect the performance , customers can pay the shipping cost for ask we send the free parts for replacement .
        If the volume switch broken during rude custom check , there is a spare volume switch in the pack for customers replace by themselves , this is had not soldering necessary .
        In our experiences , scrape chassis or shatter the volume switch is very infrequent ( In case less than 1%).
2,     The unit is based on the ES9018 chip, the ES9018 have built in the top grade PLL can avoid jitter, but this PLL have high request from the source , if connect with low grade source ( like the low grade PC sound card ) coaxial or optical may cause the sound drop off (distortion) . This is not the defect, the most electric engineers known the exact PLL have high request from the source clock.
       The USB have very low jitter so no problems .
       In our experiences, we only got less than 10 users feedback have encounter this matter and they most are report with these products:
       On board PC sound card or value USD10 PC sound card , Apple New Airport Express with optical connect , USD01 while over 96KHz output .

Remote control function:


Dig1 to Dig4: Select the input source.   
Vol+ and Vol- : Push once to adjust volume up and down in single step.
H/P: Select the output source.
GAIN: Select the high / low gain mode.

Front view:    

Power button:
To power ON/Off the NFB-10ES3 .

DAC/HP button:
Select the output source.
H:   Headphone output.
P:   Preamplifier output. (Users can choose between ¡§variable line level¡¨ and ¡§fixed line level¡¨ mode in Preamplifier output. In ¡§fixed line level¡¨ mode, NFB-10ES3 becomes a Fully Balanced Dedicated DAC; In ¡§variable line level¡¨ mode, NFB-10ES3 becomes a Fully Balanced Dedicated DAC + Fully Balanced Preamplifier.


Gain button:
Select the high / low gain mode.
H: High gain mode at +12dB.     L: Low gain mode at 0dB.


Selector button:
Select the input sources.   
1: USB input.
Optical input.
3 :
Coaxial RCA input.
4 : Coaxial BNC input.


Volume knob:
        Turn Left :     Reduce the volume.
        Turn Right  : Increase the volume .
        Because different sources may have different output level, so before select the input sources, reduce the volume is more safe .




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