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NFB-11.38  Performance Edition

(The Top Grade ESS9038 PRO Built In)

Discrete full non-feedback design

DAC+ Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier


Built in Sabre ES9038  Pro  
DSD64-512 , DXD, PCM 32bit / 384K  support from USB
A femtosecond Accusilicon 318B clock built in
8 group double stage PSUs built in

Price :  (Exclude shipping cost  )
USD409 (built in stock clock)
USD429 (built in femtosecond TCXO clock)
(built in femtosecond Accusilicon 318B clock)
Please send your address, name and phone number to
audio-gd@vip.163.com get the quote.  



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Amanero combo 384 Intruduce and driver download

What is the Ultra clock Accusilicon 318B ?
The one of the best clock in world.

What is the NFB-11.38 Performance Edition?
In this price range:
You may can not easy find an all in one model which is built in ES9038PRO,but not the cheap and low performance ES9038K2M .
Even you can, but you may can not easy find a model had the very low THD .
Even you can, but you must can not find the model built in full discrete amp, and it is Full-Non-Negative-Feedback design! The low THD is depend on the ultra linear design but not depend on the deep negative feedback.
(The THD test with AP-2722, input 0DBFS, output 3V,click to zoom )

In this price range:
Not to say the non feedback design, you may can not easy find a model built in the massive power supplies.
In total 8 group regulators built in. Please read the below detail of the regulators, it most exist in the USD1500+ devices .
1,The analog parts applied two group super linear discrete regulators.
2,The digital parts applied the double stage regulators, 4 groups are the ultra speed regulators.
3,Another two groups are the OPA + discrete transistor serve regulators, its output ripple far lower than 1uV, they powered supply for the Left and Right channels of ES9038 PRO built in DACs separately . Compared to the ultra speed regulator, the serve regulator can improve the sound quality much better on detail and dynamic . The L and R separate power supply boost the sound stage much wider and deeper . The very pure power supply let the unit has very good performance on jitter reject !
(test with TCXO built in unit , click to zoom)

In this price range:
We designed the NFB11.38 performance edition not only based on the AP  measure but through a lot auditioned to confirm the part's parameters.
It has the dynamic sound with excellent detail, very neutral and monitor sound but still musical.
Its frequency bands very flat, no any drop off in 20Hz-20KHz.
(The THD test with AP-2722, input 0DBFS, output 3V,click to zoom )

In this price range:
The below diagram show the THD + Noise level. It is quite flat on the bandwide, the THD reduced  at high frequency , which is make the high frequency much pure and fresh, this is not depend on the negative feedback, it is Full-Non-Negative-Feedback design built in.
You may don't know that some  brand designs , the high frequency even worst than other frequency bands.
(The THD test with AP-2722, input 0DBFS , output 3V,click to zoom )

In this price range:
We have the serious quality control on the products, every unit before shipping , must burn in 100 hours , and through the AP ATS-2 measure to confirm the performance achieved the standard .
(click to zoom )


Fully  discrete analog stages with Non- feedback ACSS analog amplifiers built in  .
Built with 4 pcs 20W (in total 80W) high speed output transistors, no matter to drive the most headphones.
Total of 8 groups dedicated power circuits  are used to purify the power supply.
High-End grade parts built in , ALPS 27 volume pot .
CMC pure copper RCA sockets ect.
3 channels digital input :   coaxial /  Optical / USB
DAC output :   RCA  (User can setting with either variable level as  DAC with preamp combo or fixed output level as dedicated DAC )
Headphone output : 6.3MM SE




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