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DAC + Headphone amp + Preamp
coaxial and optical input supporting up to 24Bit/192K
USB input support up to 24Bit/96KHz
Applied ACSS

Price: Version A : USD345(Exclude shipping cost)
Weight: Approximately 5kg
Dimension:  W240 X L260 X H80(MM)
Accessories: Stock power cable X1,USB cableX1, optical cable X1

Summarize: Fully discrete ACSS head amp without any OPA , couple caps ,non- feedback analog output stage and high performance power supplys .
       The FUN uses mostly DALE and Vishay resistors, EVOX or other high performance capacitors. The electrolyte capacitors are custom ordered from NOVER (a UK brand) and Sanyo OS caps, exact-matched transistors, an ALPS volume pot and ALPS selector and switches. RCA sockets are custom ordered and 24k gold plated. The headphone socket is a genuine Neutrik locking jack. All transistors are Toshiba and Hitachi. The diodes is Motorolla fast speed diodes.
        Both Version A & B have applied ALPS RK27 volume pot.
All aluminum chassis (Black). Panel thickness is 8mm.
        50 Watt custom transformer, with a wide input voltage of 100-130V or 200-260V.

Sound Characteristics:   Can replace the OPA for different sound flavors.
    "Neutral but smoothness sounding ,it doesn't sound skeletal or digital (or metallic). There's meat aplenty on them bones . It's a sigma-delta DAC chip implementation without the dryness, neutrality without the emotional disconnection" - John Darko

Note: The S/PDIF interface default applied WM8805 (192KHz support), if you want replace the DIR9001 (96KHz support) by free ,tell us while place the order please.

What's different between these popular chips
@ Dual WM8741 ES9018 AD1955 AD1852 WM8740
SNR 128 DB (Mono) 120 DB 120DB 114DB 117DB
DYNAMIC RANGE 128 DB (Mono) 129 DB 120DB 114DB 117DB

Version A 





Support to 96KHz/24Bit

Coaxial and optical

Support to 192KHz/24Bit

DA chips






Volume pot


Headphone socket


RCA socket

Custom order plate 24K gold

Choice of power cable appropriate for your country:

    When you place the order , please let us know the type of power cable you require.


FUN Technical characteristic:

    For the less coloration sound ,the FUN without coupling caps , uses DC servo circuits to keep the output offset at zero.

    The FUN  uses ACSS (Audio-gd Current Signal System, which is a current signal transmission system). ACSS is a non-feedback technology make by
Discrete amp.  Most people had know the global feedback can offer better specs for the meters,  non-feedback can't please the meters but can offer better sound for human's ears . Here is a conflict of the class circuits. But the ACSS arrive a new field, it can offer least coloration sound which is more neutral with very low distortion and high linear . So it can recur the dynamic, detail and neutral sound but  not bright or harsh.

    The FUN has a built-in headphone amp and pre amp, and also has a line in allowing it to be used as just a headphone amp or preamp, bypassing the DAC. The Headphone amp/preamp can also use ACSS technology. Applied the FET non-feedback buffers to keep the impedance invariablenes , perform the best performance.


    FUN applied the excellent DA chip WM8741 and the excellent amp circuits ,but these is not the only key of best sound. The power supply is most important . Even applied the best DA chip and the best amp , if match to a normal power supply, the total sound still maybe musical but can't neutral . So we can easy to find the hi-end gears maybe has not best chips or amp, but has plenteous dedicated DC supply circuits .

   The FUN uses 6 groups high-quality PSU with dedicated DC supply circuits for each section of the unit, to ensure the highest sound quality. For the analog parts , there are two groups  Discrete high speed linear PSU .


   The FUN applied the diamond  output stage. It is a very neutral sound output stage just increase the power output without any coloration,


    In a amp, the volume pot is most important. FUN applied the custom order ALPS 27 volume pot, it can reduce the noise and imbalance than normal volume pot .

The FUN has a fully functioning, built-in DAC with USB, coaxial and optical input. The coaxial and optical inputs support up to 24Bit/192K. It can be used as a standalone DAC. The USB input applied TE7022 which can support up to 24Bit/96KHz.

 The FUN functions:
Front plate:
Gain button: Push in for low gain (+2DB), out is high gain ( +13DB).
Volume knob: Control the volume level of the headphone/pre amp.
Line Out: Push in for headphone output, out for preamp output.
 Line In: Push in for analogue input, to use it as just a headphone amp or preamp, leave out to use with the in-built DAC.
Selector knob: Select built in DAC source between USB , coaxial and optical.

     Power socket: For power input.
     USB socket: For USB input.
     Opt socket: For optical input.
     Coa socket: For coaxial input.
     DAC out socket
s:    For in-built DAC analogue output.
     Line In sockets:    For extra analogue input, to use FUN as just a headphone amp or preamp, leave out to use with the in-built DAC.
     Line out sockets:   Out for preamp output.

 Advice for using FUN as a dedicated DAC:
The FUN has special DAC output sockets, owners can connect to the DAC output sockets, but I advise owners to try to connect to the Preamp output sockets, turn the volume to proper position (at high gain, volume placed around 10:00 to 14:00) which is proper output level. Doing this benefits from the ACSS gain circuits , and can improve the sound quality. Owners can compare between these two outputs, see which one sounds better.
    Don't worry that the multiple output stages will degrade sound quality, most DACs or CDPs also have multiple output stages but some of them sound excellent

     The FUN will come in a 100-127V version and a 220-240 version, depending on the geographical location and customers choice. The reason we don't make it with a selectable voltage is that 1: We are afraid if customers choose the wrong voltage, they will wreck their unit, and 2: While in low quality audio equipment, you can't hear the effect on the sound quality of using a selectable voltage switch, in hi-quality gear, which includes the FUN, the deterimental effects of using a voltage selection switch will be audible, not to mention the positive effects of a better power cable.

   OPA ]The owners must not install the OPA wrong)
(For users choice and purchase to replaced the DAC output chip OPA2134, ( one dual OPA enough)




Sounds fairly neutral.

OPA-MOON Modules


Sounds a bit tube-like, that is, a little soft, warm and musical.

OPA-SUN Modules


Sound a bit dynamic.



USB modules



Support up to 24Bit/96KHz USB input .

                        DIR Modules

192KHz support

WM8805 Modules
(Default )


it can supporting up to 24Bit/192KHz, its jitter down to 50PS , which is much less than the CS8416 (200PS ) . Its sound characteristic is neutral and detail but slight smooth.

96KHz support

DIR9001 Modules


Uses the DIR9001, which has the lowest jitter. Supports up to 96KHz/24Bit for coaxial and optical input. Its sound characteristic is neutral .

D/A Modules

DA1852 Modules


Uses the AD1852 chip. Supports up to 192KHz/24Bit D/A conversion. Sounds a bit dynamic with extended highs.

DA8741 Modules
(Default )


Uses the Wolfson Hi-End grade chips WM8741. Supports up to 192KHz/24Bit D/A conversion. Sounds much neutral ,the detail and dynamic had recur.


Improvement may result in changes in specifications and
design without notice.
Headphone/Pre parts
DAC parts
S/N Ratio
114db (Input Load 600 Ohms)
102db (Output Load 600 Ohms)
 Output Level
10V RMS 
Output power
3500mW/25 ohm
900mW/100 ohm
300mW/300 ohm
150mW/600 ohm

Input Sensitivity
0.5 Vp-p(75 Ohms, Coaxial)
19 dBm (Optical)
Output Impedance
1.5 Ohms (Headphone amp)
4 Ohms (Preamp)
10 Ohms
Input Impedance
47K Ohms
75 Ohms(Coaxial)
Frequency Breadth
1Hz to 150KHz
20Hz to 20KHz
Power Requirement
1 Version  110-120V  AC 50/60 Hz
2 Version  220-240V  AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
4KG (t)
Package Weight
AC power cord            X1
USB cable                X1
Optical cable            X1
Coaxial cable            X1
Jumper                   X4
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