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(Dual ES9038Pro + FPGA Processor)

Discrete  DAC + Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

Built In FPGA Processor to Reject Jitter 
Dual Sabre ES9038Pro
DSD , DXD 32bit / 384K Support From USB / HDMI
9000mW at 40 ohm (Pure Class A, per channels )
Built with OCC and Hi-end parts


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The unit applied analog input short design :
          The unit  had design the analog idle input short circuit (  In 5 and In 6) for avoid the disturb between different sources.
         This design also applied in a lot high end
brand devices.
          The working theory :  Without the idle input short circuit ,if the input 5 and input 6 had connect two extra DACs,  while users select the either input 5 and input 6 , the another input signal will fire through the circuits and mix  into the using signal, even though this signal is  weak  but still can degrade on the sound quality.
          With the idle input short circuit function : if user select either the input 5 and input 6, the another input signal will short circuit then no any signal fire through circuits , can keep the sound quality had not degrade.
          If you don't want the input short functions, please custom order or open the unit, take off the jumpers on J1 to J3. J1 is for IN6 RCA analog input, J2 and J3 is for IN5 XLR analog input.


Functions : (Normal working state)

OUT : For select the unit output from headphone sockets or the XLR / RCA sockets.

INPUT : For select the unit input channels.
1: Coaxial RCA input.
2: Digital Optical input.
3:Digital I2S input.
4,  Digital USB input.
5,  Analog XLR input.
6,  Analog RCA input.

Volume: For change the volume of the unit.

Functions : (Setting state)
         The DAC can setting the digital process functions on front plate to change the sound flavors, without open the unit .


Important warn:
         Before push the
"Setting" button, we are advice user turn  low  the amp volume, stop the music track playing .
         Because for the aim to reproduce the best sound quality, the DAC without mute design , change the setting may output circuit switch sound .
         Around 5 seconds after non any button had push, the display stop blink, user can click the music track to playing and  turn up the volume.

Setting button :
Push the "Setting" button one time, the one digit display will blink for active the function setting , push the right "INPUT" button can change function . While the display blink, push "Setting" again , the right next one digit display will blink , push the left "INPUT" button the left next one digit display will blink .

PCM (PCM filters options) :
Display 1:
Fast roll-off,  Linear.
         Display 2:
Slow roll-off, Linear.
         Display 3:
Fast roll-off, Minimum. (Default)
         Display 4:
Slow roll-off, Minimum
         Display 5:
Fast roll-off, Apodizing.
         Display 6:
Fast roll-off, Hybrid.
         Display 7:
Brickwall filter.

DSD  (DSD fileters options) :
         Display 4: 47KHz .
         Display 5: 50KHz
         Display 6:
         Display 7:

Mode (Select Output mode of rear ) :
         "P" for select rear output as preamp, with volume control.
         "d" for select rear output as DAC mode, without volume control.
         Please note:
         1,If your external power amp without volume control, you must confirm the D-27 setting on "P" mode before connect with the power amp.
         2,Both modes have not effect the headphone output mode)

Dark (Display auto dark option) :
         Active (1)  the display auto dark, the display will become dark in around 10 seconds after stop operate any buttons . Disable (0) the display auto dark, the display  light always.

Left INPUT buttons:
While the display non blink, for select the input sources.
          While the display blink, for the setting digit move one left.

Right INPUT buttons:
While the display non blink, for select the input sources.
          While the display blink, for setting the digital process functions.

HDMI definitions : (Compatible with PS audio standard)
Pin 1 :       SDATA -                     
Pin 2 :       GND                         
Pin 3 :       SDATA +                    
Pin 4 :       SCLK +                       
Pin 5 :       GND                         
Pin 6 :       SCLK -
Pin 7 :       LRCK -                        
Pin 8 :       GND                         
Pin 9 :       LRCK +
Pin 10:      NC                     
Pin 11:      GND                         
Pin 12:      NC
Pin 13:      NC                            
Pin 14:      NC                           
Pin 15:      NC
Pin 16:      NC                            
Pin 17:      GND                         
Pin 18:      NC
Pin 19:      NC




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