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Real Balanced ACSS  Power Amp

Chassis Size : 360*360*80 (MM)


XLR and ACSS inputs
Dual transformers separate power supply for L & R channels
8 pcs in total 1200W output transistors
125W @ 8 ohms output power



Summarize Use Manual Specs

Please note:

Power ON: Every time you have to power on the sources, preamp , then power on the A1.

Power OFF: Every time you have to power off the A1, then power off other devices in the systems.

Input selector on rear : Push into for ACSS input, pull off for XLR input. It must operate while the unit power off.

Operate the input and output cable must power off the A1 .

100 hours burn in before shipping but it still need another 300 hours burn in. We are advice power off the A1 if you don't listen music.

A1 is bridge design, it can not bridge again for larger power output but you can buy two units group become Bi-amp mode to increase the power and improve on sound quality. In Bi-amp mode, you must ensure your speakers have the real separate input ports for tweeter and bass .

We are advice match with full balanced preamp with over 10DB gain.




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