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Vacuum 1 SE (Single ended)
Vacuum 1 XLR

8 unit vacuum valves in Vacuum 1 SE
10 unit vacuum valves in Vacuum 1 XLR
Applied vacuum rectifier ,Without silicon elements on signal and tube power circuits

All power caps built with SOLEN film caps
All vacuum valve filament power supply by AC
Remote function


Vacuum 1 XLR internal detail (The first 3 units have black PCB, after is green PCB)

Vacuum 1 SE internal detail

Summarize Use Manual Specs Custom Option Shipping Cost

          The active components all are the nonlinear components, it can not has the perfect on every side . While we design the unit, we had to choice the perfect area of the components .
          We had consider the most power amp has around 1V input sensitivity, while the preamp output 1V level, the power amp has full power output, so we decided make the perfect area on the 2V and below output level .
          About the frequency band, we have not looking for the best specs on paper, but we have through the long term listen and adjust to confirm the final parameter .
          Below describe is base on the Vacuum 1 SE (Except especial note)

Built in Vacuum Valves
Russian Aviation grade:

Vacuum HE1 SE: 6H2N-EB *4 and 6U4N-EB *4

Vacuum HE1 XLR: 6H2N-EB *6 and  6U4N-EB *4

Filament voltage: 6.3V

Input power supply: 200-250VAC Or 100-125VAC

Burn in time
The unit had 100 hours in factory.
Another 100 hours burn in is recommend.

Warm time
20 Minutes

Power on time
No limit.

S/N Ratio
Vacuum HE1 SE: >88DB (2V input,2VRMS output , Unweighted )

Vacuum HE1 XLR: >96DB  (2V input,2VRMS output , Unweighted )

Output impedance
<300 ohm (RCA)
Frequency Response Single-ended (<-3DB) Balanced (<-3DB)
THD Single-ended (<0.05%) Balanced (<0.02%)
Single-ended (<0.05%) Balanced (<0.02%)
Input Sensitivity

1V RMS output:280MV



Power Requirement
 Version 1: 100-120V  AC 50/60 Hz

Version 2:  220-240V  AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
30W (Vacuum 1 SE)

35W (Vacuum 1 XLR)
Package Weight
Approximately 16KG

W430 X L430 X H93 (MM )   (MM,with feet, full aluminum )
AC power cord     X1



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