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HE-350 (Limit Edition)
Regenerative power regulator
US outlets only


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Some advices for the unit have the life longer than 100,000 hours :
1A  Power on steps: Power on the HE-350, around 10 seconds later, power on other devices which is power supply by the HE-350.
       Power off steps : Power off the devices which is power supply by the HE-350, then power off the HE-350.
       There is better shut down the HE-350 while the devices had power off .

 Keep its top cover , side faces  had least 3 CM space and far  to other heat gears for better heat follow away .
3A The HE-350 can not power supply for any power amps and non audio units ,like the TV, computer ect . It can power supply by transports, Digital interfaces, DACs, preamps and headamps . The other HE series devices had not necessary power supply by the HE-350 .
4A The HE-350 can't power supply by the devices had power request over 350W in total .
Please note : While the HE-350 power supply by multi- devices , or the devices had larger power Requirement , The HE-350 built in transformers will increase librate

Power button :
Push into for start the HE-350.

Selector switch on rear :

Push into on upon : The earth of outlet connect to the earth of power input .
Push into on middle : The earth of outlet had be hang .
Push into on underneath : The earth of outlet connect to the balanced earth .(230V version only)

Please keep the switch push into on upon, other modes just for short time test .


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