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While audio is life , the Power supply should be the water , Pure water create the wonderful life ... ...

HE-7 (Limit Edition)
Regenerative power supply
Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC
Especial design DSP software for the PCM1704
Built in 8 Pieces  PCM1704UK, Supports up to 192KHz

USB and I2S inputs support up to 32bit 192KHz


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Some advices for the unit have the life longer than 100,000 hours :
1, The HE-7 had built in full analog regenerative power supply, full class A power supplies and signal amps, these designs will produce 25 centigrade higher than the room temperature , we are advice shut down the unit for more than 2 hours after continuously working 10 hours  . The unit only need around 15 minutes for warm up.
2, Keep its top
cover , side faces  had least 3 CM space and far  to other heat gears for better heat follow away .
3, Let it working in the room temperature lower than 30 centigrade . For better sound reproduce, we had applied the R core transformer but the power Consumption is large, so if the power supply over 235V or 125V may cause the transformers had hum.

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