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(2017 vesion)

Regenerative power supply
Real Balanced ACSS Pure Class A Preamp


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Some advices for the unit have the life longer than 100,000 hours :
           1, The HE-1 had built in full analog regenerative power supply, full class A power supplies and signal amps, these designs will produce 25 centigrade higher than the room temperature , we are advice shut down the unit for more than 2 hours after continuously working 10 hours  . The unit only need around 15 minutes for warm up.
           2, Keep its top
cover , side faces  had least 3 CM space and far  to other heat gears for better heat follow away .
           3, Let it working in the room temperature lower than 30 centigrade . For better sound reproduce, we had applied the R core transformer but the power Consumption is large, so if the power supply over 235V or 125V may cause the transformers had hum.

The unit applied input short design :
         The unit  had design the analog idle input short circuit for avoid the disturb between different sources.
         This design also applied in a lot high end
brand devices.
         The working theory : 
Without the idle input short circuit ,if the input 5 and input 4 had connect two extra DACs,  while users select the either input 5 and input 4 , the another input signal will fire through the circuits and mix  into the using signal, even though this signal is  weak  but still can degrade on the sound quality.
          With the idle input short circuit function : if user select either the input 5 and input 4, the another input signal will short circuit then no any signal fire through circuits , can keep the sound quality had not degrade.

          In world there are more than 99% DACs and the sources had allow the outputs short ,
          Below case users don't want the idle input short circuit function, users can open the chassis, pull off the jumpers of the proper input channels, please note must pull off of left and right channels together :
        1, The same extra source not only connect the
unit analog input, but connect with other amps simultaneity.
        2, The same extra source connect to the
unit different inputs  at simultaneity.

Selector switch :

          Select the HE-1 inputs from IN 1 to IN 5.

Volume knob :
          Select the HE-1 volume control .


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