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Master 7(The PCM1704 Ultimate Design)
Dedicated Discrete Fully Balanced DAC

Fully redesigned DSP software
Built in 8 Pieces  PCM1704UK
Supports up to 192KHz at 8X times sampling
32bit / 384K Asynchronous Transfer  Amanero combo384
OCC wires & TCXO applied

Price:    USD2225  (Exclude shipping cost)


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Audio-gd products had design and test based on the AP SYS-2722 (The top-drawer professional equipment in world) 

http://bbs.audio-gd.com/dispbbs.asp?boardid=2&Id=27207  (Chinese)

What's new in the Master 7
          Since the Reference 7.1 was released more than 20 months ago, we have spent more than 10 months in testing and development for the Master 7 release.
          The Master 7 is the ultimate design of the PCM1704 chip .
          The newly designed DSP processor is soldered on the main board directly for best signal transfer and faster data processing and clocking, it brings the detail, transparency and dynamics  to another level   over all other audio-gd DACs. It allows users to hear the flaws and perfections of the source recording (matched with a revealing amp) .
           It supports up to 32bit / 192KHz through USB and I2S input, 24bit / 192KHz through SPDIF inputs (8X or lower oversampling support).
           There are no design compromises, no parts are upgradeable, built with all high-grade audio parts, OCC wires, TCXO ,ect.
           It is a fully new design concept . The SPDIF inputs have applied special interfaces for processing data, allowing the highest sound quality for the different SPDIF inputs.
           IN1: BNC input, up to 24bit / 96KHz support  .
           IN2: AES input,  up to 24bit / 192KHz support .
           IN3, RCA coaxial input,  up to 24bit / 192KHz support .
           IN4, optical input , up to 24bit / 96KHz support .
           IN5 , I2S input, ,up to 32bit / 192KHz support  .
           IN6 , USB input,  ,up to 32bit / 192KHz support  . 

Fully  balanced discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channel.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage.
Total of 21 groups dedicated power circuits (19 groups of high-quality class A parallel connection PSU's with dedicated DC supply double-stage PSU), and more than 50,000uF caps  are used to purify the power supply.

 Please note:
         We are design the Master 7 only put the point on high sound quality reproduce , we have not design the mute design in it as our low end products, because we have consider any mute design cause the sound quality degrade .   If the SPDIF sources ( only with some few  disc player models)  have design the SPDIF  output signal switch on while playback and switch off while  stop, the switch noise will reproduce by the Master 7, the issue is had a click sound while the source switch ( most happen on connect with In 2 to In 4).
         Fortunately most sources had not switch the SPDIF output signal and always had output signal while power on .  

Feedback from users :

19th Sep , An user from New Zealand:

         I am very impressed with the Master 7. Well done! It is definitely a big step up from the Reference 7.1 and NFB-7.1. That Via USB chip is great and deserves to be used in a master series Digital interface with built in I2S output. I can see that any flaw any where else in the system would be very obvious. I have heard some mixing errors I had never noticed.
         The Master 7 is a significant upgrade on the Reference 7.1 which was already an amazing performing DAC. The improvements in resolution and imaging are well beyond the increase in price and the built in USB32 input out performs even my Audiophilleo 1 with external power. I can think of no DAC at up to twice the price of the Master 7 that competes with it for performance.”

5th Oct , Dmitry from Russia:

         My Audio-gd way was from FUN through DAC19 through RE5.2 to M7 and each next device was much more better than previous.
         But M7 now is the BEST what I hear from Audio-gd gears. The soundstage is more detailed andholographic but not oversharped, vocal voice is fantastic natural, the scene is deep.

30th Nov , Adrian from Brazil:

         This is to let you know I've received the Master-7 and it's a great sounding dac! Very neutral and full sounding. Before this I had NFB-2 and Master-5. In comparison with Master-5 wich is a PCM1704UK dac also, the Master-7 have a similar signature, but the sound is more emotive, powerfull and I can listen at lower volumes and hear all the details. All I can say that Master-7 paired via ACSS with Master-10 integrated amp is the best sound I've heard. Thank you and please do keep making great equipment!

27th Dec , Kim from Korea:

         I listen speaker system
         My system is dynaudio 25th special + master10 amp + maste7 usb dac
         And i use siltech cable.

        This sound is very good and fantastic.
        Dynaudio's esotar 2 tweeter sound very sweet and master7 give more clarity and master10 amp give power.
        Especially, i surprised master7 usb .
        Very very different re7.1 and master7 .
        I think master7 have not 1or 2 upgrade.
        Master7 have much more upgrade.

        After i listen master7, i listen my friend's re7.1 .
        I feel that My friend re7.1 sound have less clarity and sound information .
        Master7's sound information is a lot .
        So sometimes i feel that this sound very much to me .

         Anyway i am happy when i listen music

17th Jan.  , An user from Japan:

Some initial results of my experiments:

              I used the M7 and Calyx DAC (which uses 1 ES9018 in multi-channel dual-differential mode with NE5532 output opamps and is USB powered).

              Audiophilleo 1 to each DAC: M7 (input 3) sounds more "real". Calyx sounds a little less natural.
              DIV3 to each DAC: M7 (input 1 from DI coax out) sounds the same as the Calyx (from DI RCA out). The sound is very good.
              Direct USB input to each DAC: M7 sounds MUCH better than the Calyx USB input, which uses an XMOS chip. The Calyx sounds less detailed and boring and unnatural.

Best sound (all about equal):
              M7 USB32,
              DI V3 to either DAC,
              Audiophilleo to M7.

13th May.  , McIntosh  from USA:

           My friend Don McIntosh wanted me to relay this message to you and I quote "Congratulations on the monoblocks and stereo amp, they are SENSATIONAL! The chain of Audio-gd gear in my system never sounded so great through my McIntosh XRT2K speakers! Keep up the good work. Your friend (signed) Don McIntosh."

Combo: Master 7 + Master 1 + Master 2
Fred from Canada:

           I thought I had heard all the music there was to here in the numerous recordings I owned. But then I received the Audio-gd Master 7.

           There is a saying about great sources as to they are not forgiving with bad recordings. I now have a saying: before judging of a recording, listen to it through a transparent and NEUTRAL source, with the proper gear to complete the setup, and then surprise! The bad recording often becomes not so bad at all and most of the times, very enjoyable.

           Not only do some formerly rejected recordings now become enjoyable, the best ones become like the real thing. It makes you want to sit back, relax and listen to a fabulous, free private never ending concert. A concert in which you can choose to hear any artist you love or even discover new ones, as they are suddenly revealed.

            Forget all the usual bullshit about bass extension, highs sweetness, resolution, imaging, dynamics and all that (because you get it ALL), and this cliché of mine, and enjoy the music. Enjoy it so much that it makes you feel the Master 7 might be the best deal ever.

             All that said, I am giving my impressions through the Acss output using a wire I built myself for 40$ and through the built-in USB input, not even feeling the need for using my 1000+ Audiophilleo with Pure Power. As mentioned, great bargain. I wonder what it will be after proper break-in (within a few hours, it was like i describe). Just a note for the eventual buyer, use a big power cord. As for me, I use the Acoustic Zen Tsunami. Note also that all my setup was matched to the Audio-gd nfb-8 DAC and therefore, having the same house sound (but clearly inferior), I had no tweaking to do to obtain those splendid results.

            Thanks you Kingwa for this amazing DAC. You've made my year. I know my comments sound like advertising and in a way, it is. I felt like doing it to thank you and share my true enthusiasm with all those wondering about this great piece of hardware. It plays musics like nothing else I have heard. It's just fantastic. As many mentioned, it just plays the recording with great fidelity and that is all your need with the right setup.
Fred from Canada:

           My master -7 has now 450 hours of running time. I activated the integer mode on pure music as mentioned to you and it makes a remarkable diffrence with my setup. This dac has the most analog sound i have heard in my life, as well as the best soundstage and resolution. It is getting more punchy as well. This is near perfection. Probably the last one I buy. It is an excellent match to my hypex ucd400hg hxr home made amp (passive pre using dale resistor balanced relay attenuator, Audyn true copper signal caps, some high end wiring and a couple of connex 500w switching supplies).



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