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R 8 firmware update guide



Update steps:

1,   Before update , you had to buy an USB Blaster, like this or similar model.
You can search the keyword " Altera USB blaster" on ebay to buy one,In Chinese market , price around USD2 to USD10.

2, Quartus download link  https://www.altera.com/downloads/download-center.html, select download the 12.1 Web Edition and install in your computer.


3, Connect the USB Blaster, the Windows request the driver install, select the driver to install

Driver: C \ altera \ 12.1 \ quartus \ drivers


4, Power off the DAC, connect the USB Blaster to the DAC, then connect the USB Blaster to the computer . ( Be note, if the DAC had power on then connect the USB Blaster, you may damage the chip of the DAC and want to pay the charge to replace. )

      The USB Blaster wires had a outshoot , connect to the unit as below picture (The outshoot is on the side which is mark 1 and 9 ).

5,Power on the DAC, open the Quartus 12.1 software , and select “Perform automatic web license retrieval “ then click “OK”. During update, you must keep your computer had the good web connect .

 R8 model (R27 blaster connector has same position but the direction just invert)

R28 model

R1 model

Older R2R7, R2R7HE models:


6, Click the iron as below (Pic1) .

7, Follow the steps select as below (pic 2) .


8, Follow the steps select as below (pic 3) .




9, Follow the steps select as below (pic 4), click “Start “ and waiting one minute while the “Program” show “Succeed” .


10, Power off the DAC, pull off the USB Blaster from the DAC, then pull off the connect from the computer. The update is finished.




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