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C-3 Final version
Truly Balanced Preamp
Applies ACSS
Remote Control
Input: XLR X2 / RCA X2 /ACSS X1
Output: XLR X1 / RCA X1/ACSSX1

Price: Version A : USD1460(Exclude shipping cost)
Weight: Approximately 25kg
Dimension:  W430 X L430 X H93(MM)(Per chassis)
Accessories: Stock power cable X1

Summarize: Fully discrete amp without any OPA , couple caps ,non- feedback analog output stage and strong power supplys .
        Applies all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA caps, custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets.
        Power supply is class A parallel voltage regulator design.
        Digital remote controller system with user defined functions and offers a high precision, no sonic degradation and smooth transition volume adjustment.
        Use of LED display panel instead of the popular VFD display device, as VFD can cause disturbance in audio circuits.

Please Note:   
1A C-3 Final version sound is neutral and faithful-like (very neutral and less coloration, just as "a wire with gain"), its sound quality depends most on the quality of the source and recording, if the source or recording is not good, then the sound quality will not be good either.

2, In C-3 Final version volume control, memory function is on as default (users can cancel the memory function), volume display 00" is the minimum volume. While using C-3 Final version for the first time, users must make sure that the volume is set on minimum.

A review of our preamp and power amp from John Darko.



Please note:
All audio-gd products have change to new ACSS sockets as below ( expect the Master series ) , some photos maybe not update yet.


About ACSS:
         ACSS (Audio-gd Current Signal System) is Audio-gd's system for transmitting audio signals in the current domain. This concept, first seen in 1966, we have used for many years, and since 2006, have evolved the technology to include all audio signals in our systems from the digital source to the power amplifier. Since 2005, ACSS comp5nts have become Audio-gd's most popular products.

Design Features:
     C-3 Final version applies ACSS (Current Audio Signal Transmission) technology. The heart of our ACSS technology is in the ultra low distortion BPM-7110 V2 module. The sound of C-3 Final version is neutral and faithful-like, very neutral and sounds exceptionally clear and transparent. Soundstage is precise, three dimensional and huge, detailed and lifelike midrange, and transparent treble with tight and extended bass.

     This circuit has exceptionally high sound restoration ability. With this excellent preamplifier, you can input not only XRL balanced signal or RCA unbalanced signal, but also the top grade ACSS current signal. It can also output RCA signal, balanced XRL signal, ACSS current signal to the power amplifier. No matter what kind of signal it is input, it is able to transfer it to current signal and amplify it.

     C-3 Final version adopts a complete separation of left and right channels and digital display control. Three special transformer are used to supply power separately for the audio and control circuit. The signal amplifying section and the voltage and control session are separately installed in different machine boxes, which further promotes the transparency of tone to its peak.

     To achieve a better effect, C-3 Final version also employs the complex Three-stage parallel stabilized voltage supply to get a purer power supply so that a better sound quality is guaranteed. C-3 Final version uses a new power supply model, Current Transfer Power Supply.

     C-3 Final version uses heavyweight all aluminum alloy box to prevent the eddy current of transformer from interfering on circuit board. Two empty chassis net-weight is 16KG. Furthermore, the interior is separated into 2 sections with aluminum boards for the best channel separation.

     All the sockets of C-3 Final version are Hi-End grade products. It is sealed by WBT silver solder. Everything we do, we do for a better audio and sensational effect.

     The control function of C-3 Final version is very user friendly. The switch of volume adopts IV method which effectively decreases the effect on tone quality. The change of volume applies another way, too. To lower the control circuit's interference on audio circuit, we apply high-speed optocoupler to separate control signals and executing sessions, which is the way that other high-sky price imported equipments adopts to improve quality. Without operation, the control circuit is stopped and the control signal is temporarily stored in the memory which also outputs direct current level to control the executing session. It will effectively eliminate the detrimental effect caused by long-duration data output of ordinary control circuit.

     C-3 Final version has memory function. It can independently memorize the status of the 6 input channel groups, maintain them even when the machine is shut down. Unlike machines without memory function, the users dont need to adjust the input channel and volume every time they open the machine. This function brings a more convenient and pleasant way for the users to enjoy music.

     The input channels of C-3 Final version adopt separated shielding method. When switching, the idle signal lines linked to the equipment and the ground wire are completely disconnected. The idle input ports of the equipment are shielded. In that case, the tone quality wont be affected even with more connected equipment.

About volume in ACSS circuits:

 C-3 Final version uses ACSS technology, which is very different from conventional technology.
 In conventional technology the gain is fixed, like 3DB or 6DB.

     But in ACSS technology the gain changes with volume, and while you close the volume, the gain is -80DB or -100DB (in conventional technology it can't work lower than 0DB).
     While you are listening in normal volume, the gain may be around -50DB, or between -80 to +12DB.
     The volume control is also different from conventional technology. Conventional technology volume control is placed in the input, and attenuates the signal.
     But in ACSS, it is placed at the ACSS modules output, where the output is the current signal, not the voltage signal. The volume control is I/V conversion, and the volume depends on the current (I) conversion to the voltage (V). (Like D/A chips output I/V conversion)
     As you can see, ACSS circuits have no gain, as it is a completely different circuit.
     The sound quality benefits from I/V change volume control. Mark Levinson also knows that current volume control has great benefits, so in their Top End preamp NO.32 volume control, they use many components to change the signal to become current signal (I), then through the R-2R network to control the volume, and then change back to voltage signal (V) again. But C-3 Final version is simply a more complete work in terms of the current signal, and technically, it is superior to conventional technology.
     ACSS is fully non-feedback with very low distortion, so sound is neutral (neutral and faithful) because it has no feedback effect.

 How to choose the settings in C-3 Final Version:
       With the C-3 Final version, the user has a choice of 70 steps and 99 steps of volume control, and you can also choose whether to have volume memory.
1. Choose 70/99 steps volume control:
Step A: Push in the "Debug" switch.
Step B: The display shows as pictures below.
Step C: Turn the volume knob; choose between 70 or 99 on right.
Step D: Push out the "Debug" switch.

           70 step volume control                      99 step volume control
2. Choose volume memory:
Step A: Push in the "Debug" switch.
Step B: Turn the selector knob; the display shows as pictures below.
Step C: Turn the volume knob; choose between "ON" or "OF" on left.
Step D: Push out the "Debug" switch.

         Volume memory active.                          Volume memory off.



Improvement may result in changes in specifications and
design without notice.

MAX Output Level:24V
Frequency breadth:20-20KHz(-0.1DB)

CAST Input
MAX Output Level:24V
Frequency breadth:20-20KHz(-0.1DB)

C-3 (Only the signal parts, without power supply parts)



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