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High Drive ability
Low Jitter Clock

Built in Class A PSU and TCXO

Price:   (Exclude shipping cost)
Standard version:   USD25
TCXO version :       USD45

Type 1:
(Output 8.46MHz  / 11.28MHz /16.93MHz /33.86MHz  at same time)

Type 2:
(Output 27.00MHZ / 13.50MHz / 9MHz /  6.75MHz at same time.)

Type 3:
(Output 24.576MHz / 12.288MHz / 8.189MHz / 6.144MHz at same time.)

     JZ-1 specs (TCXO version)
     Built in Hi-End Class A power Supply and low jitter clock TCXO
      Power Requirement: +8V to +20V DC
      Power Draw: 60mA
      Frequency stability Vs Temp : +/-1ppm (-10 to +60 C)
      Frequency Accuracy:  +/- 0.3ppm Max
      Phase noise :  -125 dBc/1KHz @10MHz
      Aging :   2ppm/ year
     Output voltage : 3.3V-5V compatibility with DC block.
     Output jitter: < 1ps RMS  (test at 1/4 fo , TCXO version)
     Quality Components: Custom order NOVER (England brand) , EVOX capacitor, DALE  Resistor.
      Extra thick gold plated PCB
      Installation :L70 x W45 x H25   (mm, without feet)


The advantage of the Class A PSU for the clock:
         Except the Jitter, there is another important factor effect the digital audio sound quality,  the Phase noise is . Through the practice and test , most 3 pins PSU-ICs are the worst PSUs for the clock because they've feedback loop circuit cause the phase noise increase , even a simple discrete PSU (built by  a transistor, a diode , a resistor and a cap) had better perform.
         The Class A have better perform result because it had very high input impedance and low output impedance can avoid power disturbs, the no feedback loop circuit avoid phase noise increase.

Detail views: Built in Class A PSU and copper shield box.

Detail views:  Applied TCXO   and support mulriple outputs. (The finished JZ-1 had copper shield box)

 How to connect:

Output  frequency :

33.86MHz version:        FO=33.86MHZ , 1/2FO=16.9344MHz , 1/3FO=11.28MHz , 1/4FO=8.46MHz

27MMHz version:          FO=27MHZ , 1/2FO=13.5MHz , 1/3FO=9MHz , 1/4FO=6.75MHz

24.576MMHz version:  FO=24.576MHZ , 1/2FO=12.288MHz , 1/3FO=8.189MHz , 1/4FO=6.144MHz




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