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 Power Supply Filter Outlet

Only for US power cables






        Customers reviews:     http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/496131/audio-gd-power-supply-filter-outlet/45

    Product Feature: The power supply filter outlet has three different filter outputs. It uses three filter cores and use hi-end parts, like the SOLEN caps, and the copper outlet sockets.

    This power outlet filter has no extra functions, it is just filtered outlets, because I think some protection functions are already built into customers' wall outlet. Repetitive functions only degrade sound quality, but customers must make sure their wall outlet has overload switches for protection. I have been using the same design of filters more than 7 years and they are safe for electronic gear.

    DC filter output:   Sometimes the DC voltage goes through the 120/220V lines into the gear, vibrate the transformers and create the "Hum" or "zzz" noise, using these two sockets output can reduce the DC voltage component and keep the transformers more quiet.

    Direct Output:  These two sockets are without any filter, some fans think the power amps should be connected to the power line without any filter for keeping the dynamics intact.

    -50DB filter output: These two sockets can offer -50DB noise cut output, can supply sources and preamps. But I personal like connecting to power amp in speakers systems.

    -70DB filter output: These four sockets can offer -70DB noise cut output, can supply sources and preamps.

   In fact, owners can try the different outputs and compare which is best for personal sense, there are no set rules.

   It can work on 100 to 240VAC, but currently we only offer with US outlets, because other outlets are not readily available in the Chinese market. I advise owners not to use stock power cable for it.

     Dimension:  width 365mm, height 47mm and depth 160mm.

    Accessories: A stock power cable.

    Audio-gd exclusive power cable:

   Cable links    http://www.audio-gd.com/pro/cablesEN.htm


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