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Real Balanced ACSS Integrated Power Amp

Remote Control
Price: USD1880


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Audio-gd products had design and test based on the AP SYS-2722 (The top-drawer professional equipment in world)

Fully balanced design, the gain stages and pre-driver stages working on class A , built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels.
The output transistors stages work in high idle current state. The Diamond Cross output stage design avoids "switch distortion" as well as class A amps.
Non- feedback ACSS analog amps .

Four channel 99 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality.
5 analog inputs:  RCA X2, XLR X2, ACSS X1

Applies 24 pieces of ON Semiconductor  ¡§the King of transistors¡¨ MJL4281/4302. Supports 250W X2 (8 Ohms) output.
The capacitance of the whole machine reaches as high as 140,000 uF, Two 750W (Total 1500W) core transformers. Separate power supplies for right and left channels.
A total of 4 groups of high-quality class A parallel connection PSU's power the gain stages. To achieve a high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulators.
Applies all audiophile grade components, including DALE resistors, WIMA caps, custom order NOVER (UK brand) caps, all audiophile grade input & output sockets and gold IEC socket. Applies the round-corner style chassis which has lower syntony, or vibration. Between the transformers and signal amps resides a thick metal panel to avoid interferance.

Memorizes all settings and resumes the last setting when powered on.

Sound Characteristics:  Very neutral and neuter, truly delivers the sound of source, doesn't add any color. Careful selection of source components is recommended.
    1, Master-10 has extremely high fidelity; its SQ is neutral. It can show how good or how bad a recording or source is.
                     2, It is better not to stack gear on top of each other, if necessary to stack Master-10 on other gear, place a piece of paper or other insulating material on top of the other gear, because Master-10 has conductive aluminium feet.
                     3, Attention must be given to matching suitable power and signal cables.

A review of our preamp and power amp from John Darko.

Feedback from users (Since 25th May, 2012):

22th June ,
Adrian from Brazil :

         I've received today here in Brazil the Master-10 Integrated amp and it is wonderful to hear with the Ref-5 (now discontinued, but a great PCM1704 DAC) using ACSS. The sound is smooth, precise, organic and non-fatiguing! Thank you for this great work of art!

16th Oct. , Peter from Netherland:

         Just to let you know the Master-10 has arrived today. All in good order. And I was very happy to see I was able to remove the right side corners & bars, so the Master-10 just fits in the closet. See photo, no need to cut the shelf!

I have installed all (connected the Ref-7 via ACSS) and I am happy to tell this amplifier is definitely much better than the Meridian G57. It has more dynamics and it has more detail. Also the staging is better. Of course it is just out of the box and I suppose it will sound even better after some burn-in.


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